zodiac sign predictions
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This is Your Zodiac Sign’s Prediction for the Year 2021

Say goodbye to 2020 and maybe a more stable, exciting (dare we say fun?) future.

What a hell of the year 2020 has been. From an impeachment trial to a worldwide pandemic, it’s been quite a wild ride. What do you think happens in 2021? Will we get out of having to do a lockdown, and get back to normal? We’d like to think so! Regardless, the new normal could hold something incredible in store for you. The stars have a lot aligned for your future. We here at Amodrn have put together a guide for you and your potential future. Keep reading for more on what your future holds and your zodiac sign predictions for the new year!

zodiac sign predictions
Image: Octavian Rose via Unsplash

Your Zodiac Sign Prediction for 2021


We know it’s not what you want to hear, but 2021 might need some financial preparedness from you. Be prepared for a few surprises in this department. Manage your income and live within your means. Your social life will expand greatly this year (shoutout to 2020 being over). In love, being open might prepare for a promising relationship.


Be prepared for your least favorite thing, drama. Sorry, it’s just the way the planets are aligning in the year 2021. Your zodiac sign’s predictions also hold excitement though, so it’s not all bad. If you’re in a relationship or single and planning on having kids, this might be the year you get pregnant. For health, taking up a new hobby might prove great.


Try and avoid conflict this year, Gemini. If you do this, you will have the support of Mars and Venus on your side. Jupiter and Saturn (aka the Great Conjunction) help you realize new ideas and projects. This is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, when a lot will be realized in life, the meaning of it, and more. Oh, and get your health in shape if you already have not! 


You might’ve had a quiet 2020, but it’s a new year baby! While half of it might be spent indoors, you know the power of the digital world. Your social circle will grow tenfold, and you will bring this into the rest of the new year IRL (when and if we can get together). Your ambition and success will be rewarded in 2021. Rely on Mars for being grounded, your health, and vitality.


For you, growing in your profession is key in making 2021 worthwhile. If you try, you will succeed in making your dreams come true. Pay raises and promotions in your future, perhaps? Your love life might be a little confusing. Be careful of mixing friends and lovers, unless you are ready for it.


Virgo, trust your instinct in 2021! It has never steered you wrong. You should not be dependent on others, but do ask for help when you need it. Love will prove incredibly fulfilling this year. But don’t expect greatness in everything, chill and be happy with the outcome of it all.


Libras are notorious for not being good with change. If you want to change something, do it! This is the new year. Don’t worry, Jupiter and Saturn will help you achieve your goals in 2021. Venus and Jupiter are on your side too. There is a ton of love and romance in the future.


Love is in the air, Scorpio, and you’re so, so into it! Mercury and Venus are there for you to be supportive, emotional, and affectionate with your lover or lovers (ooh la la!). You have a ton of opportunities in your life, everywhere next year, Scorpio. Be open to opportunities everywhere you go, and make connections with all those your intuition feel are important.


Been waiting for love, Sagittarius? It might be on the way in 2021. There are plenty of places you can get into relationships and maybe meet the one, perhaps? Jupiter and Saturn are in line for your imagination and to be real with you. You love to shoot for the stars but you can do it if you have the proper foundation laid out.


For you, realizing your goals (that you’ve worked so hard for), can actually come true! But Cappy, do not forget, when that moment happens, to bask in it fully. You are way too good at keeping at it. Celebrate yourself! Jupiter and Venus are good alignments for your love life. Your social circle’s support is an added bonus. Maybe take them to a concert with your friends next summer? Here’s hoping! 


The clouded mystery may be frequent in your 2021. Remain calm and face uncertainty head-on. It’s important to just go with the flow! Love and relationships may not be so fruitful at the beginning of the year, but the rest of the year is encouraging for love. Keep on keeping on, Aquarius, you got this!


We love you, but you kind of let your emotions get the best of you, Pisces. Next year, try to be a benevolent person and keep the peace! Do not get into an argument that is not necessary! You will look back at things and learn that there was no place for it to begin with. Jupiter is giving you many chances for love, socializing, and being successful in work. 2021 looks pretty, pretty good! 


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