The 9 Signs You Are Dealing With A “F&*Kboy”

You may be one of the few people who hasn’t yet had the pleasure of encountering such species. And by ‘species’, we mean a sly, sneaky man child.

Image: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

If you’re unfamiliar with the term fuckboy, then congratulations, there’s a slight possibility that you may be one of the few people who hasn’t yet had the pleasure (note the sarcasm) of encountering such species. And by ‘species’, we mean a sly, sneaky man child. Sometimes referred to as a ‘fuckboi’ or ‘fuccboi’, they’re a particular type of dating phenomenon, something similar to a man whore. Usually a perpetually single white male, a fuckboy is a kind of snake that you must be wary of in the dating jungle. So just how do you tell if you’re dating one? Read on to spot the signs.

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fuckboy signs
Image: Wright Brand Bacon via Unsplash

The Telltale Signs You Are Dating a Fuckboy

1) He’s super confident

The confidence of this fuckboy was likely the thing that had you hook, line and sinker. And if it sounds like I’m referring to you as a fish – well you are one and in his mind, well, there’s plenty more where they came from. A fuckboy exudes confidence, the type of alpha male that draws your attention in a crowded room. His presence is palpable, as is his male energy.

2) The first date was perfect

A fuckboy typically knows how to woo their date and will likely sweep you off your feet on the first outing. Seemingly never putting a foot wrong, they will be charming, chivalrous, courteous and basically any other C word rather than the one that would reveal their true self (C*%t).

3) He texts late at night

Not to be confused with a booty call, albeit similar in nature, a fuck boy will often text late at night. The subliminal messages behind those texts – you’re a last resort for a guy that didn’t get a better offer. Don’t write back, you deserve better.

4) He makes a lot of promises

Let’s get one thing clear – Promises are fine, so long as they hold up on them. And fuck boys do not. Fuck boys typically sell a dream but fail to deliver, they’ll promise to call, promise to meet up, or promise the world and fall short on every single one.

5) He is a fan of a selfie or heavily filtered photo

In this day and age, selfies and heavily filtered photos are pretty much the norm, but if his IG feed consists of nothing else, chances are you’re dating a fuck boy. You know the type of photos – the ones where he has a tan rivalling an oompa loompa and his teeth are so white they hurt.

Image: Toa Hertiba via Unsplash

6) He avoids making concrete plans

If making plans with this guy is like drawing blood from a stone, be wary. Failing to make concrete plans usually means he can’t see a future with you. But don’t take that personally – he can’t see a future with anyone, he dreams of the fuckboy life forever.

7) He’s a smooth talker

Fuck boys know how to get what they want (and they usually know how to get you in bed too). The charming words will roll right off his tongue whenever he wants to get his own way. He’s not afraid to use flattery and all the right moves to push for his desires.

8) He avoids labels

So, you’ve been dating this charmer for quite some time but still don’t know where you stand? Well, welcome to the fuck boy universe where you stay in perpetual limbo constantly asking, ‘what are we?’. Well, the truth is you’re nothing in his mind because he can’t commit. The true nature of a fuck boy means he avoids commitment at all costs and avoids calling you his girlfriend or even fuck buddy because he needs to ensure he leaves those roles open for other unsuspecting victims.

9) He is always on his phone (but never available when you need him)

You know the type – the ones with their phones constantly in their hands, responding to messages and answering calls in the middle of dinner. Except for when you’re not with him, when the excuses sound like “sorry babe my phone was on silent”, or “sorry babe only just saw this text”. Chances are he was with another date when you text which is why he couldn’t respond.

fuckboy signs
Image: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash


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