urine health
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There’s An Optimal Color For Your Urine, And It’s Not What You Think It Is

Our body's waste can tell us a lot about what's going on, on the inside.

There’s more to urine than meets the eye, literally. The smell and consistency can tell you a lot about the health of your body as well. If something changes, you may have cause for concern or it could just be the type of food you’re eating. There are a few things you should watch out for when you head to the loo. We here at AModrn outlined the eight different colors your pee could be for you so you’re on alert everytime you use the bathroom. Keep reading for more.

urine health
Image: Testalize via Unsplash

The Color of Your Waste and What Your Urine Health Means

1) Clear urine

Clear urine is actually an indicator of overhydration. You might see this shade and immediately think you’re doing great on your daily water allotment, but this should be a small warning to stop drinking water for an hour or two until your are super thirsty again. Wait for it to return to a normal, light yellow clear.

2) Light yellow

This is where you want your pee to be (we love a good rhyme). Light, yellow pee is a sign of good urine health. Keep drinking water at a slow pace and be consistent and gradual in this process.

3) Dark yellow

The color your pee is usually when you wake up in the morning. It’s a sign that you have gone some time without water. If this happens to you during the day, we advise you to catch up in your drinking of water for hydration. You are definitely a little dehydrated if this is happening to you.

4) Orange

Orange pee is not a sign of super dehydration, but rather an indication you are taking vitamin C or B12, maybe even a uninary tract infection medication, according to Healthline.

5) Green

Sounds alarming, but it’s also a sign that the vitamins you’re taking have gone through your system and out the other end, literally. It could also be due to the food dye from the things that you are eating.

6) Blue

Blue urine is a sign that you might’ve had a procedure done recently, and given a medication called methylene blue. This happens to the body when you take this medicine. Blue food dye could also be the culprit.

7) Light pink or red

If you’re eating beets, don’t be alarmed, this is a normal reaction of the body to the vegetable. This could also be a sign of kidney stones or bleeding in your urinary tract.

Also, if you are menstruating, be aware that this is normal and a mixing of urine and menses.

8) Brown

Brown is an indicator of a fistula, or an abnormal connection, between your bowels and your urinary tract. It could signal blood in your urine, liver disease, kidney disease, or an infection as well. Call a doctor if you are concerned about your urine health.

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