Shower sex positions
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The Best Sex Positions for the Shower, According to a Sex Expert

Sex in the shower can be a fun way for you and your partner (or sex buddy) to get dirty while you’re getting clean.

Sex in the shower can be a fun way for you and your partner (or sex buddy) to get dirty while you’re getting clean. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a while or you’re keen on getting creative with your sex buddy, shower sex can ramp up the sexual energy in any relationship. Be warned though – there are certain positions that could be considered certifiably dangerous, or otherwise, leave you both cold, naked and with noses full of water. If you’re ready to steer things towards a more adventurous sex life, these are the best (and safest) shower positions that are guaranteed to get you biting the overhanging towels and gripping the walls (in the best way possible).

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best sex positions
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The Best Sex Positions for the Shower

1) Stand and deliver

This position is excellent because it is easy to do and can be performed on your own or with a partner. Also perfect for a quicky, or a longer session where you can explore the pleasure levels. Start by standing facing away from your partner with your legs hip-width apart and with your face head down. Next, place your hands touching the wall, touching your feet or even touching the floor (depending on your flexibility). This puts you in the perfect position ready to receive from your partner or a suction-based dildo. Here you want to ensure you’re both feeling stable, so check that you’ve got a slip proof bathmat down for ultimate grip. To amp things up a bit, squeeze your thighs together or bring in a couple’s ring for a more intense climax. Better yet, if you have a removable shower head, get creative!

2) The dancer

The dancer is a popular position that allows for intimacy and pleasure at the same time. Start by positioning yourself up against the wall as you’re facing your partner. Then place one leg up to be held up by either your partner or leaning a bench or stool. You can also wrap your leg around your partner who can help support by holding your leg. Face each other, whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears or talk dirty. The best bit is that your partner won’t have to work too hard to keep balanced and you can enjoy kissing and connecting on a deeper level. This is an easy position to introduce some waterproof sex toys that are guaranteed to get you steamy.

3) Lift and press

This is a position you might recognise from films and whilst it seems like it could be a little more challenging, it’s actually pretty straightforward and offers some incredible deep penetration. Start by ensuring you have a non-slip bath mat in place to keep you both safe if someone loses their balance. Similar to the dancer, your partner will lift you and press you against the wall. Align your pelvis with theirs and you’re good to go. This position can be elevated by wrapping both your legs around their waist, or if balance is tricky, you can drop one foot to the floor and leaving the other one lifted.

best sex positions
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4) Facetime

Let’s be clear here – this one does not involve technology or virtual sex (but you can certainly take it to the next level and record the act)! If you have a shower seat in the shower, get your partner to sit down and climb on top! This is a fairly comfortable position that allows you to safely straddle and ride. It also leaves room for kissing and talking dirty. You can also add in a vibrator or do a reverse cowgirl style which will mean you’ll face the other way. If you’re going solo place a suction dildo on the chair or bench and your orgasm awaits!

5) Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is arguably the most underrated sex act and while this one might seem more like foreplay; you can guarantee it’s pleasurable as hell. It’s a great way to show your partner how you like to be touched. It also allows them to watch you getting off (and vice versa). There’s something extra alluring and thrilling about finding out what each other enjoys, without the penetration. If you’re on your own, you can take extra pleasure in indulging yourself. Take your time exploring what feels best.

And a Reminder … Safety Is Always First

While shower sex is a great way to get hot and heavy, there are some important things to consider before diving in. Make sure you’ve got some non-slip bath mats in place, ensure your toys are waterproof and practice safe sex always. Once you’ve done the deed, practice good hygiene and clean up afterwards. The same way you would with any other sexual activity.

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