Has Summer Left You With Dry, Brittle Hair? Here's What You Can Do

As master hair guru Philip Kingsley eloquently puts it, “cutting hair is not the same as pruning a rose, because once hair leaves the scalp, it is physiologically dead. The only active part of the hair is the follicles in the scalp.”
Meaning, when it comes to summer in Aus, caring for your hair — and scalp — is especially important. Mega UV exposure, dips in the sea and pool and pollution all contribute to a weakened, damaged mane. Fear not, though: a few simple swaps, products and treatments can majorly help. Here, our guide to summer strand and scalp savers.

For all summer long…

“During the summer months, swimming (in both chlorine and salt water), perspiration and heat can cause irritation if left on the scalp for too long,” explains Megan Yabsley, De Lorenzo’s Education Manager. To combat this, “always shampoo and condition regularly; there’s currently an anti-shampoo movement that’s a false trend. There are lots of oil glands on the scalp, and the hair tends to trap pollutants, dead skin cells and sebum.” De Lorenzo’s Tricho Natural Scalp Therapy ranges are both gentle and proven safe for long term use.

For thin hair…

If you’re battling thinning hair, reach for Bumble & Bumble’s Full Potential Shampoo. Product build-up and sebum could be to blame, and this exfoliating shampoo sweeps scalps clean, creating an ideal environment for healthy hair to grow. Boosting cellular energy at the roots, a refreshed scalp and fuller, thicker hair is increased by almost 50% in four weeks flat.

For “normal” hair…

For normal scalps that are in need of a good healthy scrub, The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea Cleansing Hair Scrub is your best bet. Stimulating blood flow with salt crystals, this balm-like scrub dissolves into the scalp, lifting with it all impurities and build-up. Formulated with Japanese Green Tea, mint and honey, the scalp is left purified, refreshed and revitalized.
For a lively lather, LUSH’s unique Soak and Float and New Shampoo Bars come in a solid format, are specifically designed for scalp and hair health, and are especially effective in the hot summer months. “Soak and Float has strong antimicrobial and fungicidal properties, as well as an astringent effect, which balances sebum production and tones and tightens the scalp,” shares Sabrina Jamani, LUSH Australia and New Zealand’s Brand and Sales Trainer. As for the New Shampoo Bar, “the nettle and peppermint in the bar promote a healthy and balanced scalp as they boost circulation and promote hair growth, while Cinnamon leaf oil stimulates and brings fresh, oxygenated blood back to the hair and scalp.”

After a day at the beach…

When spending the day on the beach, help prevent damage with Dr Hauschka’s Strengthening Hair Treatment. Gently massage the formula into the scalp and strands with your fingertips prior to exposure to the elements — strengthening, softening and renewing nettle leaf extract protects hair, while chamomile extract and rosemary essential oil soothe and support a healthy scalp, even when summertime temperatures soar.

After a salty swim…

If your scalp is in need of a moisture boost post-swim, reach for 100% Natural Australian Jojoba. “Jojoba isn’t actually an oil, but a liquid wax ester with a structure almost identical to our own skin’s oil, so it is able to unclog pores and deeply moisturise the skin,” says Vicki Engsall, Co-Founder of The Jojoba Company. “It also has natural healing properties, as its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic. Furthermore, it has natural vitamins that your skin needs for optimal health. To use jojoba on the scalp, first wet your hair. Then, using a cotton ball, apply the oil directly to the scalp, and massage it in small circular motions, applying a bit of pressure as you do.”

For a deep cleanse…

For a truly invigorating treatment, dip into LUSH’s Roots. “The cooling power of mint is harnessed in three different ways within this treatment: wild mint boasts antiseptic and analgesic properties, meaning it has the ability to both clean and soothe; and peppermint and spearmint oils, which stimulate fresh blood flow and can disrupt the hair fall cycle, allowing the hair to be retained within the scalp for a longer period.” Jamani explains.
Also packed with honey and extra virgin olive oil, this treatment moisturizes, too. For a quick and easy boost, spritz on Less is More’s Herbal Tonic Spray. Section off hair and spritz right into the roots for a clarified, refreshed and soothed result. Organic, high performing ingredients do everything good: instantly toning, calming, nourishing and strengthening, this mega mist also boasts antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

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