Kevin Murphy Shares His Biggest Hair Predictions For 2018

When the word ‘trend’ comes up, some shudder at the mere thought of cringe-worthy looks of the past — the supremely exaggerated shoulder pads of the 80s, the pencil-thin brows of the 90s, and the frosted, glittery lipsticks of the early 2000s.
A regretful trend is certainly not the case when it comes to internationally renowned editorial hairstylist, Kevin Murphy’s top three hair trends for 2018, though.
Classic, timeless, yet fresh and modern at once, these are the looks you’ll look back on fondly, and inspire again and again.

Curtain fringes

alexa chung

“Reminiscent of the 70s, the curtain fringe is back, and back for good. Whether
you go for a classic heavy bang or a softer looking grown-out effect, this is by far one of the most flattering cuts you can have, and one that we will be seeing everywhere in 2018,”
Murphy says.

Jules Peacocke, Director and Owner of Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup, shares her pro-tips for this trend: “Fringes look best with a little TLC, like a quick blowdry and iron. And although they can look simple, they are one of the hardest parts of a haircut to execute as well as maintain, so seek out an experienced stylist — also look for a salon that offers clients free or low cost fringe trims.”
Murphy details his styling tips while rocking a curtain fringe: “Start by applying a small amount of a hydrating leave-in treatment, like YOUNG.AGAIN, to damp hair, then comb towards your forehead. When blowdrying, hold the hairdryer above your head, keeping the roots of your fringe flat. When your hair is almost dry, take a round brush and roll the entire fringe section forward and slightly under, and repeat until it’s completely dry. After letting it cool, sweep mid-lengths and ends apart to create a centre part, and true curtain fringe. Finish and set with a light spray of SESSION.SPRAY.”

Tousled waves

kevin murphy hair trends

“This year, waves are taking on a new twist. Rather than the perfect mermaid
waves of years past, in 2018 it is more about the relaxed, lived in wave with a slight rock’n’roll edge,”
 Murphy says.

Peacocke knows a thing or two about tousled waves, and is on board with Murphy’s techniques: “Kevin’s pro-tip to use a hair net when going for the tousled look on this video is great – I love how we get to recycle old school tools into new cool tricks.” As for her own expertise techniques: “If you have mid length or shorter hair, twirl or twist sections your wet hair into “Shirley temple” type curls and diffuse dry. Then, turn your hair upside down and tousle the hair with outspread fingers at the root to loosen the curls into waves. Finish with a light hold spray.”
For those in a hurry, “If you don’t have time to blow-dry your hair, try braiding or plaiting larger sections of dry hair that already has product applied to it, and leave it in overnight. It could look frizzy at the root in the morning, but sprucing it up with smoothing spray will eliminate most of the frizz.”
Murphy’s how-to if you’re in for a styling session requires a bit more work, but promises glamorous results. He suggests starting with “an application of ANTI.GRAVITY SPRAY to damp hair, blowdrying the product in for volume, shine and oomph. Once dry, use a medium sized hot tong; take one-inch sections at a time, and create irregular bends in your hair from the mid-lengths to ends by wrapping hair in different directions. Once your hair has cooled, shake it out with your fingers and apply BEDROOM.HAIR for a relaxed, lived in texture — it’s the secret to unlocking the perfect texture to achieve this look. A light, flexible spray that holds, adds a natural shine and provides unbeatable texture, hair is moveable and sultry.”

Easy up-styles

jennifer lawrence

“Quick and easy up-styles are the key to achieving casually elegant looks with minimal effort this year,” Murphy says.

Peacocke is on board with this look, and for good reason: they’re chic, effortless and look great on a variety of face shapes and hair textures. She recommends starting with a good wash and dry: “The best-looking DIY up-styles are done on clean, dry hair. If you have straight hair, give it a blow out with a narrow nozzle. If you have curls, diffuse dry —  both hair types need to focus on lifting and drying the hair at the root, and these tools help achieve this for each type. When hair is lifted at the root, it’ll give any DIY hairstyle body and shape – an important foundation step for most up-styles.
The accomplished expert shares her inspirational wisdom, too: “Do some searches on YouTube to see the latest videos, using terms like “quick and easy up-styles”. But be careful of recommendations and tips from non-hairdressers. My advice is to search for product companies who use hairdressers for tutorials and instruction, or show individuals doing their own hair using professional products and tools correctly.”
Murphy breaks down which products and tools he suggests when creating an easy up-style, and agrees with Peacoke’s priming step of starting with freshly washed and conditioned hair. He recommends “preparing hair by washing it with SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH and RINSE, as they’re the perfect product set to help tame hair before styling it. For a look like Emma’s, apply HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY through damp hair post-shower, and roughly dry. Next, drape hair back into a ponytail and secure, creating a soft side part through the front. Then take the ponytail and rough up with fingertips to create texture. Twist hair around base of ponytail and secure with pins to create a textured bun, but allow pieces to fall softly around the front to frame your face. Finish it all off with SESSION.SPRAY to ensure your hairstyle holds in place.”

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