Mentioning This Workout in Your Dating Profile Could Increase Your Matches by 160%


We already know practicing Pilates can improve your strength and flexibility and bust stress, but a new study suggests it might also strengthen your dating life (as well as your pelvic floor).
According to a recent survey by dating site Zoosk, simply mentioning that you practice Pilates in your dating profile could dramatically increase the amount of messages you get from other singles. As in, by a whopping 160%!
In fact, while Pilates was definitely considered the most appealing past-time, casually mentioning a few other workouts could also increase your chances of a match—specifically anything that suggests you might be flexible (cue: eye-roll). Specifically, the survey found that kickboxing, Zumba, and yoga were also considered ultra-sexy hobbies.
And look, if you’re not really a yoga or Pilates kind of person, simply casually dropping that you like “staying active” in your profile increases the number of inbound messages by 81%.
Mentioning your healthy lifestyle in a dating profile is more appealing in some locales than others. The survey also looked at other factors around dating and wellness, and even broke down the top 10 most health-conscious cities for daters, with Los Angeles unsurprisingly coming in first, followed by New York and the Miami.
Other tips we garnered from the survey: Non-smokers attract far more dates than those singles who smoke regularly or even socially. Also, mentioning “working out,” “fitness,” or “healthy” in your dating profile increases the number of inbound messages from potential dates by more than 70%.
For more insight into the relationships between fitness and dating, check out the survey results over at Zoosk. Or, if an inbox full of eligible singles isn’t enough incentive to get you start with Pilates, might we suggest Puppy Pilates, which may just be the most brilliant workout class fusion we’ve ever seen.

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