Puppy Pilates Is the Workout Class We've Been Waiting For

Improve your pelvic tuck and bring home a new best friend. Puppy Pilates is a very real class at Cisco Pilates in Asheville, NC, and may just be the most brilliant workout class fusion we’ve ever seen.
Just months after we saw puppy yoga hit Australia, a similar phenomenon is making its way to North Carolina, where lucky pilates-goers can get their regular workout done alongside adorable little pups.

In a collaboration with Asheville’s Humane Society, the pilates studio created a brand new class where attendees are able to play with, pet, and stretch alongside some seriously adorable pups. And the hour-long $10 class has never had an empty seat. According to the studio, every single Puppy Pilates class that’s been offered so far has been sold out.
Better yet, every single puppy who’s attending the class comes with no adoption fees (they’re waived by the Humane Society, which also gets all of the proceeds from the class cost) so you can leave with a serious burn and a new, free puppy.

Here at Amodrn, we’ve been pilates fans for years. Not only can it help alleviate pain, but it’s a full-body workout that’ll give you a real burn (in case you haven’t heard, even future royal Meghan Markle swears by it!). Thought it may seem a bit intimidating at first (that Reformer machine is no joke), the workout can reboot your metabolism, improve your flexibility, and help keep you injury-free.
And apparently give you a nice, adorable puppy, as well.
Science shows that owning a dog can actually help lower your risk for developing heart disease. More than that, research has also proven that dog owners are naturally happier people (even more of a reason to book that class!), and are guaranteed to make you more social, friendly, and overall satisfied with your life.
Sounds like Cisco Pilates is really onto something here…

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