Alo Yoga's 30 Day Challenge Is The Best Way To *Actually* Start Doing Yoga In 2018

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Along with ‘lose 5 kg’ and ‘join the gym’, ‘start doing yoga’ is up there with the most common New Year’s resolutions. And what a great goal it is, given regularly doing yoga has been proven to improve everything from your strength, flexibility, stress levels and even your intelligence!
It always starts with the best of intentions. You buy that pretty yoga mat and download that pricey yoga app. But within a week, your at-home practice falls by the wayside and the mat sits in the cupboard gathering dust until next New Year’s Day. We’ve all been there!
When it comes to actually sticking to your goals, accountability is key. That’s why this year, we’ll be signing up for Alo Yoga’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge. In case you missed it, Alo Yoga is the US-based yoga wear brand responsible for some of our all time favourite leggings.

For each day of their challenge, 30-minute guided yoga classes will pop into your inbox. The classes are taken by hella experienced yogis like Andrew Sealy, Caley Alyssa, Calvin Corzine, Josh Kramer, Koya Webb and Shiela Advincula. Each week focuses on a different theme:

Week 1: Resolutions—You’ll be encouraged to set an intention, do things differently and practice every day.

Week 2: Energize—New year, new vibes! Get ready to energize your body, mind and soul!

Week 3: Mindfulness—Be present, stay focused and use mindful movement as a gateway to better alignment with your intentions!

Week 4: Strength—Strong practice, strong heart. Stay committed to this week and you’ll definitely get the feels.

Given research says it takes 21 days to form a new habit, we reckon you’ll be hooked on yoga by the time the month ends. The best part is, the challenge is 100% free! To get involved, head to: 
From here, you’ll:
1. Subscribe to Alo’s YouTube channel to get each class sent to you via email
2. Get the printable calendar of each day’s class
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