Nike's New Bra Collection Comes With Built-In Adaptive Technology

If your workout routine has you going from downward dog to some quick high knees and maybe even some laps around the studio, just one bra is probably not ideal for all the different types of movement.
And that’s exactly what Nike is trying to fix with their brand new Motion Adapt Bra.
Athletes, runners, avid gym-goers, those who just want to wear their activewear to brunch – this is the bra that’ll take you from studio to track without the need to change your support.

Nike Motion Adapt Bra
Image via Nike

How? Through state-of-the-art, hidden technology, of course. Not only does the interior of the bra include material that’s filled with unique foam and a polymer hybrid that allows it to mould to your body precisely, but it’ll give you the support you need as you move through any workout. Plus, it’s sweat-wicking and breathable so you’re not soaked through while you’re moving.
“This unique, soft material moulds to your shape and is very flexible, moving with you while you do low-impact activity,” states Nicole Rendone, Design Director for Nike Bras and Innovation.
The company compares the technology to a seatbelt: the faster you move, the more supportive the material is. If you slow down, the material does too.
Nike Motion Adapt Bra
Image via Nike

“If you pull the front of the bra very slowly, you will feel the adaptive fabric moving with your hands,” Rendone adds. “But if you pull it very quickly and with force, the fabric will resist movement by locking out, feeling almost hard. And that quality — that it doesn’t move during high-velocity movement —is the major benefit when it comes to support.”
The company tested the bra in collaboration with the Nike Sports Research Lab and the reviews were instant. It was quickly called “the most comfortable bra ever,” and users raved about the bra’s ability to ‘relax’.
Nike Motion Adapt Bra
Image via Nike

The bras have launched and the spring 2018 collection is available on and selected retailers.

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