9Round Is Australia's Latest Fitness Trend That Promises Serious Results

9round fitness trend
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It’s safe to say the days when people slogged it out on the treadmill for two hours a day are well and truly behind us. These days, we want our fitness to be like just about everything else in our modern lives — as quick and efficient as humanly possible. It’s half the reason F45 has become such a fitness phenomenon!
But it seems another growing fitness chain may be about to give F45 a run for its money – 9Round is a full-body kickboxing workout that promises results in just 30 minutes! The classes are already popular in the UK and the US and have just started rolling out classes across Australia.

Rather than running on a set schedule, a new 9Round session starts every 3 minutes. There’s a new circuit (which includes a mix of weight resistance, cardio and core-strength training) every day, and you can essentially rock up at any time and have one of their PTS guide you through the session. So, if you’re someone who claims you simply can’t fit a workout into your busy schedule,  we’re afraid you won’t be able to use that excuse anymore!

It’s what people want. It’s quick, it’s 30 minutes. You don’t need to think for yourself and you’ve always got a trainer to push you and motivate you. Australians are looking for a quick way to workout that doesn’t take as much time as your normal weights and plates gym.
-Emma Manggun, club manager at 9Round Brunswick and Fitzroy. Via FEMAIL

In case 9Round wasn’t already innovative enough, it utilises wearable technology (which we predicted would be a major fitness trend in 2018) to maximise fat burn. Class participants wear heart rate monitors, which are hooked up to a big screen in the gym.

As trainers, we want to make sure you’re in the right training zone at all times. We don’t push people to be at an intensity level we think is right, rather we want to make sure people work out out a level that’s right for them.
-Emma Manggun

Membership cost varies from club to club but start-up packages average around $180. After that, each gym charges around $30 to $35 per week. So far, there are 13 9Round gyms in Australia — and counting! You can check out the locations here.

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