The MOVI Standing Desk Is Selling For A Steal On Kickstarter

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the launch of the most stylish standing desk that’s ever been invented (disclaimer: we voted). It was cruel, really. We dangled it in front of your perfectly level eyes (no slouching here)—its sleek bamboo finish, minimalist design and enticing smart technology—only to inform you that it wasn’t yet available to order.
We’re sorry. To make it up to you, we’re letting you in on a little secret: pre-order is open and if you get in quick, you’ll get it for a steal. Yep, MOVI Workspace has just launched its Kickstarter campaign and if you sign up now, you can save AU$250 on your ergonomic, eco-conscious standing desk.
If you’re like us and you’ve been praying for that email to pop into your inbox with this exact news (hello, Sportleuxe HQ reno), jump on over to their campaign in the next thirty days to make your pledge. If you didn’t realise you needed a standing desk—because you’ve spent too long sitting on your ass to find out anything about it—keep scrolling to see why it’s a serious long-term investment.

MOVI Workspace standing desk
Image: supplied

1. Standing boosts productivity

Over 6 months, employees using standing desks were 50% more productive than those seated.

2. It optimises muscle tone and physique

Muscle activity is almost 2.5x higher when standing compared to sitting. Standing for an extra four hours per day means burning an extra 73,000 calories or 8.6kgs per year.

3. It improves spinal health

Compression forces on your spine are 90% lower when standing than when sitting and leaning forward. 1 in 6 Australians suffers from lower back pain. If you don’t now, you will do soon.

4. It sustains energy and alertness

Of those using a standing desk, 87% reported feeling more energised and invigorated throughout the day. On the flip side, research has shown that increased sedentary time is directly linked to an increased risk of depression and anxiety.

5. It literally prolongs life and minimises the risk of disease

Many adults sit for 11+ hours per day (70% or more of their waking hours), increasing their risk of early mortality by as much as 40%. Another way of looking at it, standing can reduce your risk of early mortality by as much as 60%.
As you can see, switching to a standing desk like MOVI is an investment in your health. And the best bit about it is that you don’t even have to swap your old one, it’s an add-on that sits neatly atop your current workspace.
In a decade from now, we think we’ll all be standing at our desks. Steve Jobs rarely sat down, Winston Churchill was a notable stander, and apparently, Mark Zuckerberg is too. Like so many things, the rest of the world is just catching up.
MOVI has been created by Melbourne-based husband and wife duo, Daniel and Nadia Angelini. Their mission is to create healthier workplaces around the world by getting you moving while you work. To find out more about MOVI and its journey or to pre-order your desk, visit their Kickstarter campaign.

MOVI Workspace standing desk
Image: supplied

All statistics found in The Sitting Epidemic by Daniel Angelini.
This is a sponsored post for MOVI. 

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