Finally, A Standing Desk That's Functional, Affordable AND Stylish

It's worthy of West Elm.

Standing desks have been through quite the evolution. While the concept has been around for centuries—Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were all notable standers—since they became popular in recent years (because sitting is slowly killing us), we’ve seen hundreds of versions.
First, there were the non-adjustable ones for those who swore that their chair was out to kill them and banished it entirely, only to discover that standing all day isn’t very good for us either. Next came the tabletop extensions—those makeshift devices that looked like a ninth grader’s science project. Then there were the highly technical versions that were functional but cost more than the impending back surgery. But when standing desks were having their moment, never did one come to market that was functional, affordable and stylish. So many of us sat down again.

MOVI workspace, MOVI Standing Desk, Stylish standing desk
MOVI desk add-on

But Daniel Angelini didn’t. As a fit 33-year-old creative professional with persistent lower back pain and a flair for entrepreneurship (he was working for Uber HQ at the time), he needed a solution. After years of research (literally, he wrote a book), he finally created one: MOVI, a desk add-on that’s more West Elm than Wallace and Gromit (although it does have some pretty cool gadgets).
MOVI has been over three years in the making. Not only is it a sleek, contemporary design, it’s smart, too. It will remember your height, adjust with the touch of a button thanks to a quiet electric motor, tell you when to move, and even go to sleep to save power. It allows you to charge your devices right on your desktop and has safety pinch protection to avoid nasty entrapment hazards. Plus, it has unique built-in technology that’ll connect with smartphone apps in the future.
MOVI workspace, MOVI Standing Desk, Stylish standing desk
Movi desk built-in charging portal and controller

Technology aside, the desk is seriously stylish. The benchtop is made from sustainably sourced bamboo and you can choose from black or white legs. It’s a clean, minimalist design that allows for the one thing you need from a desk: plenty of space. It even comes with soft rubber feet to protect your own desk—they literally thought of everything.
MOVI workspace, MOVI Standing Desk, Stylish standing desk
MOVI desk spacious workspace

But we haven’t even got to the best bit: MOVI comes fully assembled (read: no Ikea instructions necessary!). Take it straight out of the box, onto your desktop, plug it into power and off you go.
MOVI was designed for all shapes and sizes and will suit users up to 6’5” (sorry Shaq, don’t quit your day job). It’s launching in August so until then, we’ll be on the edge of our seat.
To find out more (like when you can get your feet under one), visit
MOVI workspace, MOVI Standing Desk, Stylish standing deskMOVI workspace, MOVI Standing Desk, Stylish standing deskMOVI workspace, MOVI Standing Desk, Stylish standing desk

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