A-List Trainers, Nutritionists, and Fitness Experts Are Obsessed With This Surprising Brand

Gabby Slome had a problem.
She’d just adopted a stray dog from Colombia (named Pancho, obviously) and brought him home to New York. But the kibble she was feeding her pup was making him sick—even the special grain-free and organic stuff.

“I was feeding Pancho a nice, high-end kibble and he was still having an allergic reaction. I ended up having to do an elimination diet to see what the problem was—and discovered that Pancho didn’t have food allergies. He was actually having a bad reaction to low-quality ingredients, preservatives, and the processing that goes into most dog foods.”

Slome considered freeze-dried whole food based dog food—an option that was quickly eliminated because it would cost her about $25 a day—and toyed with the idea of cooking fresh meals for her dog in order to give him the healthiest food possible. She’s not the first health-conscious animal lover I’ve spoken to about dog food; just a few weeks ago, the head nutritionist at a high-end boutique NYC studio told me about her own dog food saga, which began with her cooking sweet potatoes and chicken for her dog regularly (too time-consuming) and ended with her deciding to feed him imported kangaroo meat. Yes, seriously.

Gabby Slome foudner of Oliie dog food
Gabby Slome

But Slome thought there had to be a better way—so she created Ollie, a whole foods-based dog food delivery service. “Ollie allowed me to feed my dog in a way that aligned with how I eat—clean and naturally. Plus, I wanted to make it convenient, so we send the tailored and customized doggie meal plans directly to your door.” 
Launched in 2016, the service has seriously taken off—especially in wellness circles. Trainers and models order Sakara Life and Kore Kitchen meal plans for themselves, and Ollie for their pups. Some fans of the brand include Sarah Levey (Founder of Y7 Studio) and Ashley Wilking (Founder of AshFit).
“There’s no one eating plan for people, and the same thing for dogs,” Slome says. For dog lovers who understand the importance of nutrition, it’s a no-brainer. 
Ollie dog food
Ollie dog food

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