Brace Yourself: Your Phone Is 10 Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

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If you’re reading this on your phone, prepare to cringe. New research proves that your cell phone contains much more bacteria than we previously thought. In fact, it has just about 10 times the amount of bacteria found on most toilet seats.

Once again: ten times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

The cringe is here. A June study delved into the scary collection of germs that’s found on phones and discovered that there are more than 17,000 samples of bacteria on the phones of high school students. Most, however, are fairly harmless and actually help to improve your immunity and health. But that’s not always the case. The most scary discoveries? Streptococcus, MRSA and E-coli bacteria can also be found on phones.

While we’ve all been guilty of bringing out our phones into not the cleanest of places (ahem, the bathroom, anyone?), let this study convince you to leave it in a less germ-infested spot. Sure, you clean your toilet, but when was the last time you really cleaned your phone screen?

Especially because — think about it — that phone spends plenty of time next to your face, against your cheek, and in direct contact with your skin. That direct transfer of bacteria happens countless of times per day.

Luckily, the solution is fairly simple, and could be something you’re already doing. Wash your hands throughout the day, several times per day, experts suggest. Clean your phone screen, and the backside of your phone to help minimize the bacteria count. And most importantly, keep your phone out of the restroom, both public and in your home. It’s your quickest and easiest way to avoid seriously disturbing germs. 

Now excuse us while we furiously scrub our phones clean.

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