Millennial Pink Donuts Are Here & They're Beyond Beautiful

millennial pink donuts
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It’s not a passing fad or just a summer rosé-inspired indulgence: Millennial pink is here and it’s here to stay. Ever since it hit the scene, we’ve been getting more and more goodies coming out in the etherial hue. The latest addition: Millennial pink donuts.

Courtesy of Crosstown Doughnuts in London, these cheat day goodies actually sound, dare we say it, somewhat healthy. The “sourdough doughnut,” the company says, is not flavored with a suspicious color dye that most of us can’t pronounce. Instead, it gets its perfectly pink color thanks to another trendy superfood: beetroot.

Once dyed, the donuts are topped with a “lemon-thyme glaze, vanilla bean crumble and fresh lemon-thyme,” for a sweet and fluffy treat that’s, of course, very Instagram-ready. Just watch them being made, and we dare you not to drool.

If you’ve been a little hesitant to climb aboard the beet train — the tough, red vegetables haven’t always been recognized as the power foods they are now — let these colorful donuts be your introduction into the craze. 

Not only is the beetroot a great nutritional source of immune-boosting vitamin C, but it’s loaded with fiber, has been proven to lower blood pressure, and helps reduce chronic inflammation. While you won’t get the same punch of nutrition from the donut as you would from a roasted beetroot, you can feel good that you’re at least avoiding the scary chemicals found in traditional food dyes.
That sounds like a win to us.
Plus, ordering just one of these stunning sweets means you’ll come away with some enviable food photos, in case you’re looking to rake in those likes.

Come on, that’s beautiful. And if that’s not enough millennial pink for you, reach for this millennial pink chocolate for a perfectly rosy sweet treat. We certainly will. 

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