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These Are The True Meanings Behind Your Most Common Dreams

Flying, dying, drowning, running, falling off a cliff, being chased, or more! These are the real reason you have those weird dreams.

Do you ever wake up after a vivid dream and wonder what the combination of the strange events during your slumber really mean? There’s actually a formula to it, and it’s a little less spooky than you think. According to Newsweek, 43% of Americans think that dreams may reveal hidden dreams and desires. But what about secret signals and meanings? While you may think being chased or running in your dream means something dire, it could actually be really simple. We’ve rounded up five common dream scenarios for you and researched their hidden meanings. Keep reading for more!

The True Meaning Of Dreams And Their Hidden Signals

1) Flying

Dreams about flying happen to many people. It can feel as if you’re on a cloud, flying through the air, or even looking down below at the city you live in. They are exciting, liberating, and can sometimes even be quite scary. Think about what flying can mean. It can either represent feeling free and independent, taking your real-life emotions into account. You may be happy IRL and this can reflect in your dreams. But it can also mean you are feeling as if you need to escape from something. With all dreams, it’s important to write down what happened immediately afterward and then matches them up with how you’re feeling in real life.

meaning of dreams
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2) Dying

Have you ever had your tarot cards read? When anything representing death turns up in your reading, it usually means you are ready for a change. Whether it be physical, spiritual, or whatever. Again, take a good look at how your life is going and interpret your dream of how you see fit. If you are currently dealing with grief, your dreams may be reflecting your thinking mourning right now.

3) Pregnancy

Hear us out … pregnancy dreams often represent the birth of something. Are you on the precipice of a great idea or a creative project? Your pregnancy dream may mean that you are ready to give birth to that idea. If you are currently pregnant or a mother, it can also mean that you want to deepen a relationship with your child or that you are presently thinking about your new baby coming, according to VeryWell Health.

meaning of dreams
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4) Being Naked In Public

The meaning of dreams where you are naked in public is about revealing something. Maybe you are ready to show your true self to a new friend or partner. Maybe you’re afraid that someone is seeing your true colors or will not like your imperfections. These dreams are quite common and are amongst the most popular questions asked about dreams.

5) Dreams Where You Are Being Chased

When you dream of someone coming for you or you being chased, it usually means that you are being haunted by something. Is it a past relationship? Is it something you are hiding from? This usually means you are having anxiety about something. The “attacker” is reminding you that these are things you will have to soon eventually face.

meaning of dreams
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