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Your Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope for the Month of March

We are starting to seek how our world prepares itself for a new beginning.

Do you feel it in the air? Could it be the beginning of the end, for real this time? All signs point to yes, Amodrn reader. If you’re not prepared to enter the start of the post-pandemic season, get ready! The stars are showing us that sometime soon, you’ll be able to see your friends and family face to face. As the planets align this month, they are in a never-ending motion, a journey that combines itself with the creation of a new world. We are starting to seek how our world prepares itself for a new beginning. What should your sign do to get ready? Get your own personal March horoscope down below. Keep reading for more!

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Your Zodiac Sign’s March Horoscope


If you feel like you’re over-socializing and need some rest, it may be right around the corner for you, Aries. You tend to get burnt out when you don’t get your rest or alone time, so take March to look inwards and find your purpose again. When you emerge into the new world, you need to be able to be confident in yourself and that takes knowing all of you.


Any anxieties you have about goals, getting the most out of being in lockdown, and not wasting any time will start to fade this month. After all, this is a period of time you have to get through, it’s not a place for you to do the most (unless you want to). Don’t force it! Your body, your mind, your surroundings … they all are here to support. They can only propel you if you really want them to.


Your social life just got that much more exciting, Gemini. For you, there’s a desire to be active, to get up and do more, even if it’s just fixing things around the house. Those projects you wanted to accomplish at the beginning of quarantine? You should try and start and/or finish them at the beginning of March.


Your emotional side gets the best of you, but these days, the future seems bright. Do you think it’s the seemingly good news that you’re seeing on the television or perhaps, you acclimating to what will be this new world? It’s not all bad! Maybe we will fund education, health, and the things that should’ve been available to us long away. Either way, you are feeling much better about the prognosis of society now more than ever.


Leo, don’t involve yourself in other people’s drama. Your horoscope for this year says that you shouldn’t entangle in this kind of a mess, those people will figure it out for themselves. Focus on yourself, and don’t let others distract you from your goals this month. Imagine that future and speak it into existence, baby! How’s that for a March horoscope?


Do you hear, “Let’s Get It On” playing in the background, Virgo? If so, it’s because your love life is about to heat up! Are you single? Expect some romance towards the end of the month. If you’re in a relationship, now is the time to get more intimate with your partner, inside and outside of the bedroom.


Libra, you are feeling a little burnt out after the winter is coming to a close. It’s hard to change your entire life because of a pandemic, have a relatively good summer, and then work your way to an even more dark season. We are almost there, and we are finally adapting. Slowly but surely, the world will come back better than ever, we promise.


Scorpio, this month is all about you and the romance you deserve. You’re a hunk of burning love, passion, and desire. How do you get there? Speak it into existence. Communicate with your partner. If you’re single, be upfront with the people you are dating! It’s 2021, there’s no need to tip-toe around what you want. This is one of our favorite predictions for the March horoscope!


The year 2021 is supposed to be one hot one for the Sag. But with heat, comes fire, for better or worse. Be passionate, but plot out your moves and your motives. You tend to be spontaneous and you need to consider the other person’s feelings, in any relationship. Be more passionate, generous, and kind to others. Use that power for good.


You are a human being who is full of light and love, almost at all times. We love this about you, Cappy. You do not need to limit your love at any time. Those who do not want it, frankly don’t deserve it! What we need now in the world is exactly what you’re doing. If someone is telling you not to express yourself, don’t listen to them.


Hey Aquarius, it’s okay to take some time for yourself. You are always in go go go mode, doing everything to move the world forward. We know that this is your calling in life, but you are also a human who needs to be cared for. Be silly, have fun, and take a moment out for yourself to bask in the sunlight.


It’s all about self-care for you this month, Pisces. You have had quite a response to these trying times. After all, you are emotional, sensitive, and attach easily to other people’s feelings. You have full-on empath vibes, and it’s not your fault. In fact, it’s a good thing! You need to take the time to take care of yourself so that this part of you that is so good is there for others and you (yes, you!).

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