CBD For Pets Is A Controversial Subject—Is It Safe For Our Furry Friends?

Here are the facts.

cbd safe for pets
Image: @sportethefrenchie

The CBD trend has swooped across the human world–all I hear my mom talk about these days is CBD food, CBD makeup, and even CBD skincare! Which I get, because there are actually many proven benefits of incorporating CBD into your normal human routines: Pain, inflammation, and anxiety relief just to name a few. So naturally, I wanted to see how this wonder *drug* could help me out with my own problems (and my fellow furry friends out there)!
While studies are still underway to see how CBD can help with chronic ailments and in what safe dose capacity, experience from many, many pet parents have crazed the world wide web with testimonials about how CBD has helped their pets with their more minor ailments. So, let’s get to it. Even though CBD for pets is an iffy subject, on the market today, you can find products that claim CBD in the label in the form of dietary supplements, food, treats, capsules, shampoos, oils… you name it–they have it!
Here are just some of the understood benefits of CBD for your furry friend:
1. Relieves pain
2. Reduces anxiety
3. Promotes heart health
4. Protects the nervous system
5. Helps with inflammation
6. Prevents muscle spasms
7. Boosts appetite
8. Promotes calmness
9. Assists in nausea from car rides
10. Increase energy

cbd oil
Image from Instagram user @SporteTheFrenchie

What is the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil?

In order to make the best decision for your fur baby, you must first understand the differences in CBD and CBD that is derived from Hemp. Both CBD oil and hemp oil come from the same type of plant. The difference is what part of the plant it comes from and the levels of Cannabinoids that are found in them.
CBD is the more potent of the two. It comes from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the plant and is high in levels of cannabinoid (normally around 20%). Hemp CBD has a really low cannabinoid count (normally around 3%) and comes from the seeds of the plant.

Which is better?

It really depends on the result that you are looking for. Now, I’m no doctor but, I do know that 20 treats are better than 3 treats. So if your pet needs some major relief, CBD oil is the better route to take since it has the higher concentration of cannabinoids at 20%.

cbd for pets
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Will this get your pet high?

The answer to this is no. Because of the extremely low THC levels in both CBD oil and hemp oil, your pet will not encounter any psychoactive effects. With this being said, it is important to research any product that you plan to give to your pet. The extraction process is different from manufacturer to manufacturer which can have a big effect on the amount of CBD that is bioavailable. Also, since plants can be bread to show different levels of CBD and THC and depending on where the products come from, the regulations can vary. In most places, in CBD oils, THC levels are supposed to be 0.3% or lower.
As with anything dealing with the health of your fur baby–always consult a vet before feeding anything to your pet. The way animals react to substances differ between the type of animal, quality of health, size, and weight.

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