Herb-Infused Yoga Mats — Are They Worth the Hype?

Practice your sun salutation on a mat that's medicinal.

herb-infused yoga mats
Image: Courtsy of Bennd Yoga

Products that are infused with something usually imply some sort of healthy addition to whatever it is that you’re buying. CBD-infused beverages, for example, can make you feel more relaxed and calm your anxiety if you have any. Honey can be infused into your products for an amazing smell and to make your skin or hair super soft. There is one brand however that’s doing something completely different, something we’ve never even heard of before, but when we think about it, makes total sense. Bennd Yoga makes yoga mats that evoke change in your body, at the cellular level. They’re creating herb-infused yoga mats that are all-natural and eco-friendly. How do these bad boys exactly work? We take a look at how a little infusion might go a long way for your next sun salutation. Keep reading for more!

herb-infused yoga mats
Image: Courtsy of Bennd Yoga

What is an Herb-Infused Yoga Mat?

An herb-infused yoga mat is a very cool concept that can weave its way into your everyday practice. But what does it exactly entail? Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs practically everything we come into contact with, especially things we touch. When you practice yoga, you are absorbing what is on your mat, whether it be dirt, grime, or the toxins your mat is made out of. Here’s where Bennd comes in. They only have all-natural and toxin-free accessories for yoga practice.

herb-infused yoga mats
Image: Courtsy of Bennd Yoga

Why a Bennd Yoga Mat?

Each of their mats is dyed with medicinal plants and infused with Bennd’s exclusive formula of 22 different Ayurvedic medicines like the herb Madder Root (a blood purifier) and Turmeric (an anti-inflammatory). Also, each time you get on their yoga mats, you are absorbing these herbs. This activates a positive change at the cellular level. When you do this, you don’t just get all the benefits of yoga, but you restore and promote balance in your body. Inhaling and exhaling pure medicine into your body. Their products are also plant-dyed and hand-loomed to boot. Bennd is attempting to change the way yoga mats are made and used.

There are so many benefits to using herb-infused products. From boosting your mood to decreasing inflammation in the body (the root cause of a lot of diseases), you can boost your health by infusing these ingredients (get it?) into your life.

herb-infused yoga mats
Image: Courtsy of Bennd Yoga




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