Love, Bianca Cheah: Our Founder on November Happenings

Meet the staff and find out what's on our radar this month

Bianca Cheah, Amodrn, Sporte The Frenchie
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Hi everyone, I’m Bianca Cheah and the Founder of Amodrn.
First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support in following our Amodrn journey. We’ve been busy little bees setting up our U.S. site! With Amodrn USA now in full swing, I thought I’d update you on what’s going on in our offices and what’s top of mind for the Amodrn team.
We have so much to look forward this month! November kicks off the real start to the end of the year and the holiday season. We’ll be with you step by step and give you the tools and content you need to stay healthy and happy this winter. Look forward to more:

There are a few more goodies in store that we can’t quite reveal yet (hint: you’ll want to shop ‘till you drop) so sign up for our emails to stay in the loop and snag our content in your inbox daily. Sign up here!
Although we’ve only been here a short while, it feels like we’ve lived in LA for ages. We’ve been busy finding, researching, and creating content for you so you can be inspired to be the best version of yourself every single day. If there’s a topic you think we should be covering, you can let us know here, or if you are a budding wellness entrepreneur, we welcome guest pitches and stories which you can submit here!

Meet the Amodrn USA team

Since we officially kicked off in the U.S. a month ago, we’ve published we’ve had two incredible new editors join the team: Michelle Pellizzon and Jasmine Garnsworthy.
If our super-fit U.S. senior editor Michelle Pellizzon isn’t grinding it daily at Y7, Electric Flight Crew, or going for her casual 10km morning jog (yes, daily), you’ll find her hovering in front of the Whole Foods kombucha fridge eyeing her daily probiotic fix. She also swears that drinking mushroom lattes help her better strategize Amodrn editorial plan.

Then there’s our NYC Editor, Jasmine Garnsworthy, who “obsessively face mists through any stressful situation.” The picture of wellness, she meditates daily and spends her lunch break chowing down on Bar Pitti’s burrata or treats herself to one of By Chloe’s vegan chocolate cupcakes. (Check the recipe here.)

With all that you see on the site, you might imagine that we’ve got a bustling office here in LA—but it’s actually just Michelle, me, and Simon Chalmers at the moment. He’s our go-to man for everything at the moment—there’s no question he can’t answer! He wears a lot of hats, but his main focus is the development of Amodrn in the USA.
Simon is still suffering withdrawals from his favorite café back home, Apache Salute. So until he finds a replica in Brentwood, he’s resorted to making his own avocado toast at home. If he’s not smashing avocados, he’s brewing coffee (I told you he was handy). Well, he’s trigger-happy on the Nespresso machine, always coming up with new concoctions to get his fix. And when he’s not enjoying an “affogato” he’s working it off across the road at his new favorite, Platinum Pilates, or lining up at Alfred’s Coffee for his seventh.
And then there’s me; I mainly oversee the global content strategy, branding, digital platform and all the game-changing aspects of the brand you see. I’m loving LA life—the yoga, the green juice, and sunshine all make me so, so happy!

If I’m not in my makeshift yoga room at home or at my desk Slacking with the team (Slack makes international communication a whole lot easier!), you’ll find me dripping in sweat from head to toe over at Yoga Works in Santa Monica. I’m borderline obsessed with PostMates at the moment, (I still haven’t found my Aussie fave Sirena tuna over here to make my salads with), I’m usually sipping on a Beaming Rockstar Smoothie or drinking peppermint tea.

Our favorites this month

Although it’s been a lot of work to set up our US site, we’ve made time to have some fun. Here’s what we’ve been loving this month.
Michelle: “Lit Method in LA. It was really sweaty, had great music, and was just really fun”
Jasmine: “Skin Laundry, it literally has zapped away my facial scars!” (Read Jasmine’s review here)
Bianca: “Live Beaming. I’m not usually one for a smoothie, but I’m loving theirs. So thick and super tasty!”

A photo posted by Beaming (@livebeaming) on

Simon: “Pilates Platinum. It’s harder than it looks. And having mature ladies kick my ass is a real challenge for me!”

Love to Aussie crew

Lastly, I just want to mention our amazing team all the way over in Australia. Just a quick intro so you are across what they all do…

A photo posted by Amodrn™ (@sporteluxe) on

Emily manages the team and has been with Amodrn since it first became a digital media platform. Em loves everything beauty and she knows baking doesn’t involve a cake.
There’s the lovely Georgia whose passion is our health content and amongst all the seriousness of it, will always have you chuckling by the end of an article. She’s witty, quick, and loves an almond milk latte.
Emma, who’s our newbie, has come from the print world and loves not only to dance, but produce all wellness-based content.
Then there’s Dylan… who’s all over social media like a hawk and can instantly tell you what’s trending over in Antarctica.
And lastly, Andy who’s all over writing the yoga stories (probs cause she’s actually a certified yoga instructor) and believe it or not is bilingual and holds a bachelor in business!
I wanted to end by saying, thank you again for all your support so far. Without you all, we wouldn’t be here today.
Bianca XX

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