law of assumption
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Why the Law of Assumption Is the Best for Manifesting

Here's why this one might work better.

These days, it’s all about the power of manifestation. Wherever you look, people are using universal law to create the reality around them. Many seem to be obsessed with the law of attraction, which is the belief that your thoughts are made of pure energy. This energy can manifest through positive affirmations and putting yourself in a state of “higher consciousness”. But there is another universal law that has made waves recently called the law of assumption. This law wants you to act like you already have something so that you attract the things that you want. We did some research on how it works and decided to dish out what it all means. Keep reading for more!

law of assumption
Image: Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz via Unsplash

Why the Law of Assumption Is the Best for Manifesting

How It Works

The law of assumption is a way to create anything you desire by assuming the feeling of your wish has already been fulfilled. This is because, according to this universal law, nothing exists outside of your own consciousness so you can create an entire experience based on where your consciousness is currently. To do this, you need to first change your assumptions and shift them into the way you would feel when you are in the presence of your desire. In this case, the action does not count.

law of assumption
Image: Jasmin Chew via Unsplash

Feel Your Desire

To use the law of assumption, you must act as you have already achieved what you want. The better you can vividly imagine an experience, the more you will access that said desire. To have your desire manifest physically is secondary and a reflection of what you will experience. Where you can fail here is to not use the law of assumption for long enough to achieve your desire. You need to persist in this desire so that you live in this feeling long enough for it to come into the physical world. Put yourself on a strict mental regimen.


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