4 Easy Ways To Build A Mother’s Energy And Vitality Back Up After Birth

Here are the most helpful rituals and why.

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After birth, it can feel extremely exhausting to get anything done. The care of a newborn baby is a 24/7 job. It’s demanding, hard work to grow a human! If you are feeling groggy, lethargic, and fatigued, don’t worry. The recovery process is long but you’ll get back to pre-baby sooner than later. Your body is adjusting to not having a human growing inside of you. You might not be able to get much sleep with a baby around, but there are some helpful ways that can help your body heal and adjust to life post-baby. Keep reading below for more on postpartum recovery and our four helpful tips.

All in all, just take your time. Be kind to yourself and enjoy these beautiful moments that are upon you.

4 Helpful Tips For Postpartum Recovery

1) Get as much rest as possible:

Our best advice: nap when your baby is sleeping. Newborns are constantly waking up and sleeping, and this may be your only time to rest. Do not exert energy when you need to. Verywell also recommends that when you feed your baby, get as comfortable as you can. Use support pillows and cushions to support your arms. Do not expend extra energy!

postpartum recovery
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2) Have an extra hand around:

With the extra energy you are spending feeding the baby, it will be all hands on deck for a partner, family member, baby nurse, or friend to take on the housework, laundry, cooking, and caring for older children. Get packages delivered if possible, make sure someone is there for you. If you can afford the extra help, hire someone to assist you for a few weeks. If you can’t get any assistance, maybe chat with your partner about taking turns with feeding baby during the nights. We know caring for a newborn can be so overwhelming, especially in those first few months, so it’s really important that you get some you time.

postpartum recovery
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3) Eat high-protein food and have it delivered

While you should check with your doctor about recommendations, hydration and nutrition are essential at this critical moment in time. Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories, so you need to replenish with high-protein foods and snacks throughout the day. Get a lot of fluids in and limit caffeine as much as possible. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins until your energy levels are back to pre-baby.

There are some great postpartum delivery services out there that focus on nutrition for the mama, and one company that we’ve experienced ourselves and cannot recommend enough is Twentyfive Eight. We know how hard it is to cook and feed yourself, while you’re caring for your little one. Wholesome food and drinks delivered straight to your door, that’ll you’ll appreciate.

If you can’t get a food delivery service, then ask your friends or family to help out with preparing food for you. Ask them to create a roster so they all can take turns. It’s these little things that count that help you to recover and be your best self and mama to your new baby.

postpartum recovery
Image: Shayda Torabi via Unsplash

4) Move, move, move:

We know it’s hard, but once it’s okay to move (as recommended by your OBGYN), take some time to walk around the block. Taking a short walk can help you fight off fatigue and boost your energy levels. It also helps elevate your mood. Take your stroller outside if you can and get some fresh air and sun. You’ll be amazed at what a short little walk around the block can do.

postpartum recovery
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