Kim Kardashian Just Launched A Meditation Playlist And It's Srsly Zen

Kim Kardashian West Spotify Meditation Playlist

Step aside, Kanye, Kimmy K has just launched her very own Spotify playlist, but it’s a little different to your usual beats.
The socialite-cum-TV-star announced on Twitter this week that she’s teamed up with Spotify to curate a meditation soundtrack. The EP (can I call it that?) is comprised of 31 tracks to help you relax, unwind and find your centre. Titled “Crystal Meditation” the playlist is inspired by Kim’s new KKW fragrance line, Crystal Gardenia.
In case you’re not up to speed, the perfume collection comprises three scents—Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus and Crystal Gardenia Oud—which are inspired by Kim’s favourite flower (the gardenia, obvs). The bottles resemble beautiful iridescent crystals, and each is meant to represent a different healing property, from stabilising, to romance, to success.

Now if you’re thinking, this doesn’t sound very Kardashian, think again. While ‘tranquil’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind when we consider the family, Kim is like, all about the crystals right now. She used them to heal herself from her traumatic experience in Paris last year (she got robbed) and hasn’t looked back. In fact, it’s no surprise she needs 138 drama-free minutes to meditate.
But back to the tracks. The playlist is spattered with both soft and powerful instrumentals, and the more I listen, the more I can’t help but think it’s a metaphor for her own experience. It opens with “Lush Life” (something familiar, no doubt) and concludes with “Levitation”, a tune from Stranger Things that’s described as “the perfect track for when she reaches the peak” … “of her meditation”.
So, what are you waiting for? Pop on these soothing songs, spritz yourself with those heavenly scents and prepare to zen-out. I mean, it’s not unusual for Kimmy K to cause a jaw drop, but for a yawn—now that’s a first.

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