7 “Weird” Vagina Things That Are Totally Normal

You and your vagina are beautiful just the way they are.

is ny vagina normal
Image: Charles Deluvio via Unsplash

Sometimes we tend to feel insecure about our bodies as people, and the same goes for our vaginas. In some erotic film, from stories we’ve heard, and more, there’s a misconception that we all need to have the ideal genitalia. But this is completely untrue. Vaginas all look completely different, there are no two that look the same. They can range in size, color, hair length, etc. and all these things are completely normal. We’ve listed seven weird vagina things that are totally normal so you can finally put the “is my vagina normal?” question to rest. Keep reading for more!

is my vagina normal
Image: Malvestida Magazine via Unsplash

7 “Weird” Vagina Things That Are Totally Normal

1) Labia that differs in size.

Vaginas are beautiful, majestic works of art that give life. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Your vulva or “inner lips” can be one to two inches in length according to Self. Even if it’s a little bigger than that, don’t worry. You should only really be worried if you’re they are disruptive, painful, or get irritated often. This i s when you might think about surgery. But this is only in cases of extreme discomfort.

2) Labia is a different color.

Your vulva does not have to be the same color as the rest of your vagina or your body for that matter. It can also change color throughout your lifetime, surprisingly enough! You should only be concerned if you have redness or inflammation, as that may be a sign of an infection.

3) You think you have too much vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge is healthy and normal! It keeps moisture in the vagina, and it keeps your vagina clean! It’s also a natural lubricant that makes sex feel better!

4) A mysterious odor.

If your vagina smells, like well, your vagina, that is completely normal! You’re not supposed to smell like roses down there. If there’s a change in the way your vagina smells for a long period of time, it’s best to go see your doctor then. But if you don’t smell like flowers, don’t worry!

is my vagina normal
Image: Charles Deluvio via Unsplash

5) A blood clot during your period.

According to the CDC, these big bunches of blood are completely normal and happens when you have a heavy period. When the blood is exiting your body and there is a lot of it, it may bunch up together before leaving. If you are, however, super heavy and bleed through a pad or tampon every hour, you may need to go check in with a doctor.

6) Brown period blood.

Just as your blood appears when it oxidizes, the same goes for your vagina. Right before or right after your period, you may notice that your menstrual cycle is not bright or dark red, but a brown color. This is super normal.

7) Not getting as wet as you’d want to during sex.

Your body is very interesting when it comes to preparing you for sex. You may feel like sometimes, you being turned on doesn’t correlate to how wet you get. The vagina actually takes some time to get ready for sex, much less than a penis might. This may also be due to age, medication, and a number of other things.

is ny vagina normal
Image: Charles Deluvio via Unsplash


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