which alcohol is the healthiest
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Which Is Better, A Glass Of Hard Kombucha Or A Glass Of Wine?

The answer may surprise you.

Which alcoholic drink is the healthiest? Since we’ve all been at home since the start of the pandemic, this is the question that has been on our minds. With bars and restaurants closed or at limited capacity, we’ve turned to the liquor for a relaxing night in. While drinking in excess is dangerous and can lead to health issues, having a drink here and it is not bad for you. If you’re looking to cut down on calories or find the “healthiest” drink for you, here are how they rank, from best to worst.

which alcoholic drink is the healthiest
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Which Alcoholic Drink Is the Healthiest For You?

1) Tequila

Surprisingly enough, tequila actually has some health benefits to it and is super low in calories. Tequila has around 70 – 90 calories in one serving or shot. Agave, the natural sugar found in tequila is non-digestible and won’t raise your blood sugar. It can actually even help you lose weight.

2) Red Wine

Although all wine converts to sugar in your body, red wine is said to have some fantastic benefits to your health. Red wine improves your heart health and slows down the process of glucose hitting the bloodstream, according to Business Insider. At around 80 – 100 calories (around 5 ounces), it’s definitely one of our favorites on the list! If you’re looking for which alcoholic drink is the healthiest, this is one of the top ones!

which alcohol is the healthiest
Image: Marcel Gross via Unsplash

3) Hard Kombucha

Hard kombucha is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! The drink is an alcoholic blend of the probiotic drink and it tastes so so good! At 100 – 120 calories per serving, we place this at number 3 on the list because of its calorie count and also because it is helpful for your digestion! The best of both worlds, to be honest.

4) Whiskey

Want to know something crazy? Whiskey actually has as many antioxidants as a glass of wine. Whiskey also has cancer-fighting ingredients and fighting off a cold. It contains ellagic acid that absorbs rogue cells. Insanity! At around 100 calories per serving, this is the perfect beverage to get on the rocks next time you’re able to enjoy a nightcap!

which alcohol is the healthiest
Image: Adam Jaime via Unsplash

5) Champagne

Although it contains quite a bit of sugar, champagne is actually a great alcoholic beverage for the nights you do want to remember. This bubbly beverage is said to enhance your memory and improve the quality of your skin. If you drink this in moderation, you can reap all of the health benefits.


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