The 5 Best Brow Techniques That Reshape Your Face

Brow expert Azi Sacks gives us the 101 on how she shapes the brows of Washington's elite.

Image: Arun Sharma via Unsplash

You’ve heard it all before, but we’re here to tell you again. The brows are the windows to the face and they can change your beauty look in an instance. Over the years, brow styles have changed dramatically, from skinny to block shape, to brushed up! But it really all depends on your face shape and want you to want your eyebrows to convey. Brow techniques that reshape your face to give you more shine, definition, and complement your natural features are always the way to go. And we’ve called on an expert to show us how to do it.

Washington D.C.’s Premier Brow Expert, Azi Sacks has over 20 years of experience in brow artistry and counts Washington, D.C.’s elite as her regular clients. She has worked with the Biden Granddaughters, Jenna and Barbara Bush, Victoria Kennedy, Kaitlan Collins, Virginia Moseley, and many more. Azi specializes in tweezing and has been recognized for her ability to re-shape the entire face with her precise technique. She’s listed her personal brow techniques for you to achieve the perfect brow look. Keep reading for more!

brow techniques that reshape your face
Image: Pesce Huang via Unsplash

The Perfect Brow Techniques That Reshape Your Face

Step 1:

I begin by observing the face as a whole starting from the nose, eyes, forehead, and cheekbones. From there, position the brow to sit in a way that heightens those features.

Step 2:

Determine the exact thickness and arch placement to design and shape the eyebrow to complement each individual’s natural facial features and eyebrow quality.

Step 3:

Sometimes when new clients come in, I approach the brow and start where I see the error (ex: a disconnect in thickness, arch misplacement, or the front of the brow is wider than the tail leaving the brow to be lacking in balance). If that’s the case, I often look at the top of the front area of the brow or top of the tail to access if I can re-adjust the angles or reposition the brow on the face. Playing with how it will appear from a side profile or how it appears around the center area of the forehead.

Step 4:

I never advise clients to touch the top of the brow themselves, but if it’s done professionally, it’s the key to shape. It’s also key to squaring off the brow. I look at the texture and will curve or straighten the brow where I see the texture has prohibited the shape. The texture is key but it needs fine-tuning to bring out every brows full impact. I create more texture in the ball of the brow by trimming if needed.

Step 5:

To finish, I stop when I feel the thickness is not in jeopardy. Instead, it’s more apparent. Then I tint the brow to catch fine hairs around the perimeter to bulk up the brow to appear thicker and even out the tone. These days I leave more hair around the perimeter of the brow to create a virgin effect. I find it more modern to have a soft brow by doing less sculpting and more building. I stop when the arch or lift is perfectly in line with its width.


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