self-care tips for new moms
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33 Self-Care Tips For New Moms By An Experienced Doula

Our favorite doula, Patti Quintero, shares her tips for feeling good post-birth.

When you become a new mom, you’re blessed with the gift of life. In turn, you also give it. Because of this, this can cause you to take less time for yourself because you’re caring for a new life. It can be hard to find time away from your new baby, but if you can spare a moment to yourself, we recommend some self-care to brighten your mood, lift your spirit, and reset your mind. We spoke to Patti Quintero, founder of Uma Mother and our favorite doula, about her recommendations for this form of wellness post-birth. Keep reading for more self-care tips for new moms!

33 Self-Care Tips For New Moms By An Experienced Doula

  1. Meditation: It is the foundation of all self-care, rejuvenation, and bliss
  2. Say no: Saying ‘NO’ makes room for the true YES’s in your life, like self-care and also more time spent with family
  3. Naps and sleep: This is so essential for new mamas
  4. A pelvic floor session: Do this with a PF specialist, we love (Erika Bloom Pilates or Alison Oswald PFS
  5. Diaphragmatic Breathwork
  6. A warm bath: Do this with Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender oil
  7. Yoga: 20 – 30 minutes helps destress the body + mind and also maintain flexibility and energy
  8. Take a walk in nature: This helps boost self-esteem, immunity, and creativity
  9. Self Abhyanga Massage: This kind of massage improves circulation, sleep, and metabolism
  10. Take a cold shower: A 1 – 2 minute cold shower boosts immunity, improves circulation, and increases endorphins
  11. Commune with the sun: This is a must! Exposing your skin to the sun’s UVB rays is vital for your body to get Vitamin D and raises serotonin levels
  12. Humming/Chanting/Sing: stimulates the vagus nerve helping to reduce inflammation + anxiety creating a calming and elevated mood and good health
  13. Disconnect: Stay away from all electronic devices an hour before bed and an hour after rising.
  14. Take a digital vacation: Taking even 12 hours off social media and TV will get you out of the ego loop and into a lighter present awareness and gratitude
  15. Acupuncture and Cupping: Amazing for your nervous system, balance hormones, and also relieves muscular pain
  16. Rebounding: (jumping on a mini-trampoline) wonderful for your lymphatic system and can help strengthen the pelvic floor
  17. Infrared Sauna: Sweat out the toxins and boost your immunity
  18. Staycation: Organize a day alone at home and have a nourishing leisurely lunch and pamper yourself
  19. Girl time: Tons of laughing, listening, sharing, and crying
  20. Masturbation: Self-love at its best. This relieves tension, strengthens the pelvic floor, boosts self-esteem (you can also add a little boost with Alfie’s Love Gel)
  21. Facial Gua Sha and Massage: This is one of my favorite beauty rituals that helps plump and tone skin. It also releases tension in the muscles!
  22. Dry Brushing: Great for lymphatic system and circulation
  23. Listen to Podcasts and Audiobooks: If you’re way too tired to read sometimes, transport yourself into another world
  24. DANCE: Dancing is one of the best forms of exercise and mood + libido boosters
  25. Get a haircut (with a good shampoo and head massage): Hair carries energy, a wonderful way to refresh and reboot is to cut off the old to welcome the new!
  26. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise: A soothing connection with the Earth and also the water, it doesn’t get better than that!
  27. Deep Tissue Massage: Surrender all control and also, let yourself be pampered!
  28. Cardio: Run, jump rope, or do any form of aerobic workout boosts energy, strengthens your heart, and helps move stagnation
  29. Cleanliness: This is next to godliness, take a day to clean out your closet and cabinets! Purging helps us feel lighter and fresh
  30. Listen to Music: Music is my sanctuary! It elevates our vibrational frequency and animates the landscape of the mind
  31. Expression through Creation of Art: paint doodle sketch wonderfully stimulating for the brain
  32. Swim: Water is life, we are water at our smallest particle
  33. Sex: Intimate touch and connection also help us thrive as humans and is good for all systems and longevity
self-care tips for new moms
Image: Katie Emslie via Unsplash

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