Finding Supportive Clothing Post-Baby Has Been Difficult — Then I Found These

Ranging in support type, sizing, and activity levels, these bras are for everyone.

lululemon tights
Image: @biancamaycheah

Post-baby, it’s always difficult to find clothing that will fit right, let alone supportive athletic wear that could fit snug in the right areas. Personally, it’s been a year post-baby and I’m still finding it difficult to find clothing that provides support. That is until lululemon launched its brand new line of innovative bras, that range in sizes A – E. These superior sports bras allow me to move freely, do a rigorous workout, and give the girls all the help they need. Comfort is key here, no if’s, and’s, or but’s. Inspirational fabric that is designed to move with you, from start to finish. Personally, an intense workout can stop me in my tracks. Fear of chest pain, zero support, and a lack of coverage can take my exercise regime from 100 to 0 pretty quickly.

What I Love About lululemon’s New Sports Bras

These bras are specifically engineered to cater to your workout. Lululemon has provided the public with a light-support, medium-support, and high-support support so that you can choose what fits you and your exercise style. Each of the bras also has added stretch so you can move with zero restriction. For example, Light Support is perfect for the yogi in you. Limited hardware for the ultimate in flexibility and minimal structure for zero chaffings is perfect for the low-impact workout. Medium Support is for the Pilates-Esque workout. If you’re finding yourself combining less intense moves with a bit of cardio, this bra is for you. This bra combines stretch and structure so that you can easily switch from cooldown to a few burpees.

For me, it was important to get back into running shape, so the High Support Bras are some of my favorites. This bra allows for the weight up top to be distributed evenly. The encapsulated cups shape, separate, and soften bounce, so my girls are always kept safe and snug.

Some of My Favorite Picks From lululemon

As a lululemon fan (since well … forever!), I immediately gravitated towards the following products. These are the ones I can get my sweat on in, feel comfortable, and focus completely on my workout. It’s so difficult to get distracted but what you’re wearing and how it can make you feel, but these items let your anxieties slip away and make comfort sink in. I’m an avid exerciser, so my workouts range from yoga to running to pilates, and I need flexibility first.

1) lululemon Align™ High Rise Crop 17″ ($88)

lululemon tights
Image: @biancamaycheah

These are my go-to yoga pants and they’re specifically designed for it too! The Align High-Rise Cropped Pant is almost weightless, so I can go through my vinyasa with ease. I love how soft these feel on my body. As a new mum, they also do wonders for shape retention.

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2) lululemon Align™ Pant 28″ in Diamond Dye ($118)

new tie dye yoga leggings
Image: @biancamaycheah

For a colder day, I’m all about the Align Pant in this gorgeous marble-y purple hue. Sometimes I’m feeling a little longer pant situation, and these are perfect for that. These minimize distraction and maximize comfort.

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3) Energy Bra Long Line Medium Support ($58)

lululemon tights
Image: @biancamaycheah

Perfect for my yoga days and keeping the girls hoisted up! This line ranges in sizes B through D, so it’s just right for me. The Energy Bra is coverage all day, comfort forever. The Luxtreme fabric is slick and low-friction, allowing me to kill it in a dynamic workout.

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4) Run Times High Support Bra ($68)

New plus size running bra
Image: @biancamaycheah

Since having baby Oliver, my breast size doubled and has for the most part stayed the same. After struggling with fitting into my old workout bras, the Run Times High Support Bra has saved my workout routine tenfold. If you’re larger on top, you know how hard it is to find a hard that can suit you there! With this bra, each of the girls is supported with separate coverage and perforated paneling for airflow. A godsend!

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