I Swam In The Ocean Every Day For A Month: Here's What I Noticed

Besides being refreshing AF, great for the ‘gram and giving you ample license to take 2018’s favourite buzzword ‘salty‘ out of context, swimming in the ocean is rumoured to have some serious health and skincare benefits.

In fact, Hippocrates first used the word ‘thalassotherapy‘ to describe the healing effects of seawater, so if that doesn’t sway you to give it a go then frankly what will?

I dragged (kidding – I went with Gusto because I grew up in the UK and therefore have 23 ocean-swim-free years to make up for) myself to the beach for an ocean dip every day for a month, and it felt pretty woke.

Here’s what I noticed:

Improved sleep

Gone are the days of expensive, sleep-inducing pillow sprays (that’s sarcasm, I will always need expensive, sleep-inducing pillow sprays) — ocean swims work wonders for catching z’s. Because sea water is brimming with magnesium, swimming in it and absorbing it through the skin will work a charm for restless sleepers.

Within a few days of my commitment to ocean swimming, I noticed that I would fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling more refreshed. A veritable miracle for someone like me, who is extremely sensitive to the tiniest noise, light or puff of loud breathing whilst nodding off.

Goodbye expensive magnesium supplements, hello expensive swimwear addiction.

Clearer skin

Because of its high content of sodium chloride, ocean water may be a useful tool in any acne-fighters arsenal. Thanks to salt’s profile as such a powerful drying agent, ocean water can help deprive bacteria cells of moisture which basically kills the little tyrants off.

While I didn’t notice any improvements in terms of the occurrence of pimples (thank you hormones), I did notice that the pimples came and went a lot quicker than during the days I spent on dry land.

Just make sure you’re replenishing the oils that are stripped from your skin via the sea water. If you need some pointers, click here to find the right face oil for you and slather up, ladies!

Decreased stress levels

Would it be cliche of me to say that swimming in the ocean makes me feel alive, like Allie in the “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird” scene of The Notebook? *Ugly crying face*

Evidence suggests that recurrent cold water exposure can lead to enhanced function of the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps with organ function and relaxation.

In previous consultations with a naturopath — as I was lamenting my fidget-prone self and exclaiming that I will never be successful at meditation because HOW do people not get distracted thinking about snacks and life — she told me to simply find what worked for me. That I should find a meditation practice that I enjoyed, and that it didn’t have to involve sitting cross-legged on the floor for ten minutes a day in silence.

Well, it looks like I found it. Ocean swimming has become that soothing, relaxing, failsafe thing that I can do whenever I’ve had a bad day, or need a feel-good boost.

I’ll be continuing with my new-found hobby for the foreseeable future. Although check back in come winter and I might not be quite so enthusiastic…


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