"Salty" And 8 Other Buzz Words Millennials Will Be Using In 2018

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Just when you thought you’d mastered using words like ‘lit’, ‘slay’ and ‘bae’ in a sentence, we come along and say that they (plus a few other millennial slangs) are SO last year.
We know, we know – learning a foreign language sounds easier than keeping up with all these new terms lately – but fear not, we’re here to help get you up to speed quick smart.
Here’s a shortlist of what all the cool kids will be saying in 2018, according to Things By Bean and let’s just say, you’re probably going to want to learn them off by heart so that a) you can communicate seamlessly with said millennials or b) just for the LOLs.


Often used to describe someone who is over the top for completely unnecessary reasons.
Example: “Man, Belinda is being so extra lately.”

On fleek

Okay, so this one has been around for a while, but it looks like it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon, so you might want a little refresher. ‘On fleek’ is frequently used to refer to perfectly-arched eyebrows, any other part of your makeup that is done particularly well or anything else that looks perfect or #onpoint.
Example: “Your eyeliner is on fleek!”


Basic is used to describe someone lacking specific characteristics that might make them interesting or unique.
Example: “He’s too basic to even know what year that sneaker was released.”


Shock horror, it has nothing to do with sleep! It does, however, have everything to do with how knowledgeable someone is about a particular topic.
Example: “That guy is so woke when it comes to that.”

Low key:

Low key can be used in place of the formerly popular phrase ‘down low’, meaning something you don’t want everyone to know about.
Example: “I low key am scared of the dark… but don’t tell anyone.”


Used to describe any and all duties associated with being a bona fide grown-up. This means paying taxes, bundling your super, putting air in your car tyres when they look flat and having any other adult concerns or worries.
Example: “I cannot be bothered adulting today.”


The last couple of years have been all about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). In 2018, people will finally feel empowered to open up about their JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) JOMO is all about choosing to do what makes you happy instead of saying yes to every event because you feel like you have to. Unlike FOMO, JOMO stems from a positive emotion rather than a negative one.
Example: “Nah, I’m scrapping dinner tonight — I’m just going to stay home instead.” #JOMO.


Again, nothing to do with your hair after a beach swim or eating French fries. ‘Salty’ means to be exceptionally bitter, pissed off, upset or agitated about something or towards someone. This particular irritation generally stems from a past event that you still haven’t gotten over.
Example: “She’s salty because Steph didn’t text her to come out that night.”


A word often used when someone is tired, exhausted, over it, fed up or finished.
Example: “I am so done with today.”
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