Baggy Jeans Are Making A Fashion Comeback, And We're All Kinds Of Excited

The nostalgia is palpable.

If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll remember chokers, scrunchies and crimped hair with an embarrassed sort of fondness. You’ll remember wearing skater shoes even though you never skated, and you’ll double-definitely remember baggy jeans. Maybe with a keychain hanging off of them? And certainly with holes in the hems which your parents always tutted at because they dragged along the floor and constantly fell foul to the bottoms of your trainers. Hey, if it worked for Drew Barrymore, you’d better believe it worked for you.

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Well, PSA: Baggy jeans are going to spend 2018 at centre stage, and we’re all kinds of excited.
Let’s just preface this by saying that it’s not quite time to burn bridges with your faithful high waisted skinnies—more that slouchy really is making a comeback. Your old faithful’s still have their place in your ‘drobe; but since the past few years have seen the re-emergence of everything from wide-leg, kick flares, drop-crotch, boyfriend, girlfriend, MOM (and while we’re here, why is there no such thing as Dad jeans yet? #askingforafriend), culottes and more, it was only a matter of time before 90s kids wishes came true.
The latest Levis collection channels serious Natalie Portman vibes and boasts the much-loved anti-fits of 90s style we all know and love. The collection features a selection of loose-fitting pieces in soft, washed-down denim, including baggy jeans, shorts, overalls and a trucker jacket that are all reminiscent of that classic throwback, oversized fit.
mom jeans
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Saint Laurent have also come in hot with a chic-as-hell pair that will make the perfect companion to heels and a vintage tee, or pared back with sneakers and a cami. Basically, let your baggies do the talking on this one.
This pair from Current/Elliot radiate the appeal of classic, vintage American denim. Some casual slides (fluffy, if you dare) and an off the shoulder body will achieve that effortless vibe that all girls covet. Throw in a pair of oversized hoops and chuck some party pies in the oven and it’ll be like the 90s never left.
If all else fails, dust off the Etnies and chuck on a crop-top. It worked then, so why can’t it work now?
Let’s be real; denim in the last decade has been about styles that are perpetually hovering around our ankles. The baggy jean is making a comeback in an an attempt to bridge the gap (literally and metaphorically) between the super-skinny ankle grazer and the ultra-wide leg styles.
Big baggys; may you live long and prosper.

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