3 Crowd-Funded Fitness Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

Online shopping saved us over the festive season, but you might have neglected to visit places like Kickstarter for some successfully crowd-funded items that we’ve been coveting.
If you’ve got a fitness equipment itch to scratch, we’ve curated a selection of the very best crowd-funded gadgets and gizmos that are not only innovative, but might just become your most-loved gym-bag essentials!
Keep scrolling for the fitness items you didn’t know you needed, until now.

Smart wireless headphones by Liberty+ by Zolo

The Liberty+ by Zolo saw a highly successful backing on Kickstarter, and we can see why! These wireless earphones tout themselves as “zero compromise” and for your ears that means unbreakable bluetooth, a well-honed fit in-ear and sound quality and 48 hours of use before requiring a recharge.
If this isn’t enough, these small-but-powerful headphones have also received rave reviews on Gizmodo and Forbes, a perfect match for lovers of Apple Airbuds who require quality sound while running or working out.
The Liberty+ is available for purchase soon at zoloaudio.com

Apocalypse Survival Training by Adele Kirby

This “audio fitness adventure app” is so much more than your average motivating playlist. Created by Kirby, a self-proclaimed “exercise addict”, Apocalypse Survival Training by Imaginactive Ltd is an audio narrative that takes you through an apocalyptic attack on the city of London amongst other survivors across 37 episodes.
Say what? Yep! You’ll be crossing strength circuits, holistic training and running guided by secret agent, dodging monsters and staying alive (at least until the end of the workout!).
This clever combination of storytelling and fitness has had plenty of media play and is currently in beta testing with initial backers. To stay in the loop, visit Kickstarter to receive updates on final launch and purchasing information.

YoYo Mat: The Self-Rolling Yoga Mat

In a “why hadn’t anyone thought of this before” move, Yoyo Mat offered up the “world’s only self-rolling yoga mat” on Kickstarter and (to little surprise), hit their funding goal in record time.
Check out the video below (because with this magical mat, words don’t suffice) and then you’ve just got to figure out which shade you like (we like seafoam).

For seasoned yogis or first timers, this is the kind of convenient product that Kickstarter delivers with flying colours.
Purchases made across crowd-funding platforms generally mean you’ll be purchasing from small businesses and entrepreneurs with a love for creating something special, and if you invest as an early backer you can receive even more perks.
For more cool fit-tech products, check out the below!

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