How to Hack Your Favourite Fast Food Menus So They're Vegan-Friendly

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If you’re vegan, you probably know how difficult it can be to find an easy takeaway joint that will accommodate your dietary requirements as well as your non-vegan friends.
Alongside the almighty Domino’s *hallelujah*, sometimes a boring ol’ salad just doesn’t cut it. So, what’s a girl to do?
Read on for our best picks for takeaway places that easily accomodate vegans and omnivores alike, because no-one likes missing out.

Lord of the Fries

Boasting a completely vegetarian menu with the vast majority able to be made vegan, Lord of the Fries is a godsend when you’re craving a little summin’ summin’ ensconced in a bun. Their fries, sauces and shakes are vegan and FYI, they do a poutine burgerWe repeat, a poutine burger for goodness sakes — we challenge your meat-eating mates to notice the absence of actual beef when devouring this.

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? Double the Trouble!

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Guzman y Gomez

Ok, let’s taco ’bout it — if you whip the jack cheese off the vegetarian options and steer clear of the sour cream, you’ve got some hot AF dinner options at Guzman. Your meat-hungry pals will be busy choosing between grilled chicken, pulled pork, slow cooked beef, steak or a bit o’ barra, so you can focus on mentally preparing yourself to be the first one to say “that’s NA-CHO food!” when the delivery comes. Say hello to delicious grilled veggies, corn chips, rice, all the blackbeans you could hope for and of course, guacamole. Always gotcha back, girlfriend.


While you might have to make a few modifications to experience the full wealth of options available at Grill’d, you can be safe in the knowledge that all of their veggie patties, chips and buns (apart from the Low Carb Superbun) are vegan-approved. Avoid pesto, sour cream, tzatziki, caeser dressing and mayo, but whatever you do, definitely do not avoid the sweet potato fries. Or zucchini fries. Or avocado fries. Just a fry medley for one, perhaps?Meat eaters have got a stash of options to choose from at Grill’d, unless they don’t like burgers. And if they don’t like burgers, do you like them? #askingforafriend

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Crust Pizza

Pizza connoisseurs, rejoice! You now have a choice of fast food joints that offer vegan options. Alongside all of the usual suspects; pepperoni, peri peri chicken, meat lovers and the like, Crust have come in hot with two, count ’em TWO, vegan pizzas. And FYI, one is called a Herb Crusted Al-Funghi which involves a bechamel base, cheese, mushrooms and truffle oil – so basically just four of the greatest ingredients on the face of the earth reproducing to create perfection. You’re welcome.

Hungry Jacks

Ok, ok. Not really one for the social Friday night in, but definitely one for if you’re in a pinch or hungover AF. The vegan choices at Hungry Jacks aren’t abundant but the fries, veggie burger patty and burger bun are. Which means if you hold the condiments (apart from sweet chilli sauce, praise be), you’ve got yourself a little vegan mealio going on. Ask them for some extra salad in your bun, get the onion rings as a side and thank us later.

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