Your Instagram Guide to the Best Juice and Smoothie Joints in NYC

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If you order a green smoothie and don’t ‘gram it, did you even have one? The jury’s still out. But if you are a juice-and-smoothie fan in New York City, there are some healthy hotspots you need to visit for your next smoothie (and social media) fix. Places like MIMO, which stands for Make It My Own and is a grab-and-go juice bar in NYC’s Upper East Side that lets you grab a16-ounce cup and then fill it to the brim with whatever ingredients you want in your smoothie—perfect for picky eats. Or Agavi in the East Village, which serves delicious healthy drinks and bowls. In fact, New York is jam-packed with cool, healthy smoothie bars right now, which is why we’ve rounded up a shortlist of some of the most delicious and most Instagrammable. Scroll on!

Agavi Organic Juice


The Butcher’s Daughter


Juice Press


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Organic Avenue


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The Juice Shop




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Pure Green

Juice Generation


MIMO Blend


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Squeeze Juice Works


Magic Mix Juicery


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