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Here’s Why You Should Use Progressive Training Blocks When You’re Working Out

We interviewed Cameron Falloon of BFT Training.

We have an idea for you on why the everyday gym goer should still consider applying the principals of training like an elite athlete if they enjoy working hard in the gym. The reasoning behind training in progressive block cycles (which are designed to work on one aspect of fitness at a time over 8 weeks) is that you can avoid as much stress on your body as possible. By doing this, you get the full benefit of improving that aspect, but you switch focuses every eight weeks to avoid injury and burnout. We interviewed Cameron Falloon, the founder and joint CEO of BFT, an Australian fitness franchise that is now taking off world wide, to tell us more about why this type of training for better health is more beneficial and can yield powerful results! Prior to launching BFT, Cam was the strength and conditioning coach to several international soccer teams as well as AFL teams including Geelong Cats, Western Bulldogs and Port Adelaide Power. Keep reading to learn more about the science behind BFT’s workouts and why they work so well for their clients.

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Image: Courtesy of Cameron Falloon

The Science Behind BFT

The BFT system uses proven scientifically validated training methodologies to develop its 13 varied programs into 8-week periodized training blocks. The foundation of each training block uses validated principles of periodization and progressive overload to provide BFT members with the best chance to achieve their health and fitness goals. The same periodization and progressive overload principles and methodologies employed by conditioning coaches around the world to train elite athletes. Periodization is the planned manipulation of training variables and when coupled with progressive overload to allow for gradual musculoskeletal adaptation, this provides for an optimal environment to achieve your health and fitness goals in the short and long term.

Athletes train specifically year on year cycling and varying their programs through considered manipulation of training variables such as movement patterns, weights, rest periods and exercise selection. This allows the individual to constantly progress and never stagnate with their training. BFT uses these principles when designing their training blocks to provide members with the opportunity to develop the skills required when training with weights, to be coached to move more efficiently and to utilize technology such as live heart rate to personalize each session to the individual within the group environment. The three pillars that underpin the BFT training system are to train every energy system, train every muscle fiber type and move through the body’s natural fascial planes to constantly improve your strength, cardiovascular fitness and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Here’s Why You Should Use Progressive Training Blocks When You’re Working Out

Even if youre not a professional athlete, training for the Arnold Classic or an ultra-marathon, the workout routines the pros use could end up saving the everyday athlete from exercise burnout or injury. Cameron Falloon, founder of Body Fit Training recommends using 8-week progressive training blocks as the way to achieve results without injury or burnout. He has used training blocks throughout his career as a strength and conditioning coach to elite sporting teams.

But first, what is a training block? Training blocks focus on developing chosen areas of performance for a pre-determined length of time. To do this, work backwards! Establish your end goals and then break the workout down into blocks. For example, if you are trying to increase lower body strength, Week one will be familiarizing yourself with the movements like squats, Week two would be increasing mobility and movement patterns. Following weeks focus on building load and moving well with each week getting you one step closer to your goal. Whether youre training for the Olympics or just everyday life, training blocks have one purpose—to help you achieve your goal without pushing your body too fast or too hard.

Why Training Blocks Help Get Results Without Injury or Burnout

  • The key is in the word progressive. adjective; happening or developing gradually or in stages. You dont wake up one morning and go from being a couch potato and decide to take on a 10-kilometer fun run without training
  • Progressive training blocks help prevent boredom with the same routine. When youve been focusing on form and technique, the next training block will level up and focus on strength or endurance
  • The BFT system makes sure you allow recovery time within workouts through rest periods and only having classes Monday through Saturday 
  • Progressive training blocks are built to meet you at your level such as coming back from injury or being a complete newbie to exercise
  • Each training session is divided into 50 minutes and broken down into 8-week periods to prevent overtraining or exercise burnout


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