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How to Cleanse Your Space, According to an Energy Expert

From smudging to crystals.

Is anyone but us else feeling a little off lately? We’ve been struggling and we’re ready to really get rid of all whatever this stagnant energy is. For everyone feeling drained, unmotivated, and just some off, the bow is time to cleanse your space. Whether it’s your bedroom, family room, or office space, all these spaces need to be invigorated with energy many of us may be lacking. Perfect for a little spring clean but more needed than ever, a space cleanse is something most of us need after the year(s) we’ve had. Adora Winquist is an innovator in the field of aromatherapy, energy medicine and the author of the ‘holy grail’ of alternative medicine like herbal medicine and acupuncture-like, “Detox, Nourish, Activate: Plant and Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood, and Love. the book that lets us know just what it takes to detox your space. Winquist gives the 101 on cleansing your space and suggests that we all do this. Keep reading to learn more about how an energy expert makes sure their home and space are cleansed!
Image: Courtesy of Collins Leslie via Unsplash

How to Cleanse Your Space, According to an Energy Expert

1) Try to smudge your home 

Just as smoke rises, we are seeing an elevation of wisdom and understanding in the powerful nature of healing that the plants offer humanity.  The understanding and spiritual connection to these “sacred spirit medicines” is finding a path of ascension in the world as we hunger for a deeper bond to nature and to one another. When introducing the art of “smudging” into your personal environment, the intention is paramount. Begin with an intention of gratitude for the plants and the cultural connections that brought forth their wisdom and medicine forward for us all to benefit from a unified perspective. Next, consider your desired benefit. The sacred plants are incredibly versatile and at the same time, have key aspects to their nature and the alchemy that they offer. These sacred plants can allow your home to get cleaned with the power of your ancestors and the spirit world, and know that your guardians have helped move any sort of stagnant energy that can be left lying around. Once this is gone, you’re able to make sure the vibe in your space feels good and clear of any of that bad juju.

2) Try to place crystals in a scary area 

Placing crystals in your sacred spaces is a good way to help cleanse energy and regain new intentions. Every crystal type has a different purpose, so it depends on what you’re looking for. Some stones may be best used to heal the body or to tap intuition during meditation, while other stones are used in technology or as a part of building structures. Have you used crystals to help aid in your spiritual practice?
  • Citrine Crystals: these are associated with creativity and wealth, and help you with building the foundation that you need to promote this abundance in your life
  • Rose Quartz: promotes positive energy and is often considered the love stone, something you place on your body or in your home when you want to find love or maybe have a little bit more of it in your relationship
  • Lapis Lazuli Crystals: stone promotes speaking one’s truth with grace, ease, and confidence, these are so good for getting yourself in tune with peace and safety, the assets that can put your mind at ease
  • Clear Crystals: these are the master healer stones, full of wisdom and energy that can help you find the answers that you seek

3) Try rubbing on oils and aromatherapy scents to help promote healing

Premium essential oils and exotics from around the world are curated to offer their own healing and cleansing powers.
  • Core alignment: Roll on to cleanse your environment and personal space to clear unwanted energies, infuse positive energy, and align the hard, opening to effortless intention. *Jojoba, essential oils of *lemon, *cardamon, *tulsi, *cypress, *juniper, *grapefruit, *geranium, palo santo, *sage, *fennel, *rosemary, a plant-based dispersing agent, and intentional infusions of gem/flower essences. *Indicates organic ingredients.
  • Core Collection Clear Alignment Aromatherapy: Myst to cleanse your environment and personal space to clear unwanted energies, infuse positive energy, and align the hard, opening to effortless intention.
  • Mood Elixir: This nanoparticle synergy of proprietary CBD and essential oils is expertly crafted with uplifting, balancing, and grounding aromatics of blood orange, geranium, and patchouli. These curated premium oils are then imprinted with intentional and vibrational frequencies for the empowerment of your feel-good mood.

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