Why Herbal Medicine Could Be The Answer To Your Stress And Anxiety

Why adaptogens are paving the way for healing ourselves in the future.

There’s no hiding from it, the stress in today’s day and age is almost lurking in every corner… from home life, work and office politics to the constant connections of being online. While it’s hard to prevent, there are however some things we can do to help combat the effects it has on our body (hello gut health, digestion, and sleep troubles!)

While exercise, a diet high in whole foods with lots of pre and probiotics is a great start (as is meditation, just saying), another piece in the puzzle which may be currently missing for you, is herbal medicine.

Unfortunately, modern medicine can neglect the things we need to do to ‘calm the farm’ and respond to the effects stress has on our body, like skin breakouts, lower immunity, anxiety and lethargy, luckily for us there is a natural solution using herbs which can be a really great place to start for stress management and adrenal support.

Why adaptogens are paving the way for healing ourselves in the future
Image: Little Wilding Co.

Where To Start

Let’s start with adaptogens, which are botanicals or natural substances that help the body adapt to stressors such as too much anxiety or too little energy. One well-known example is ginseng. Which according to a recent review published in the Current Clinical Pharmacology (and herbalists everywhere) others include:

  • Schisandra
  • Ashwagandha
  • Withania
  • Nettle
  • Licorice

Adaptogens can also allow the body to be more balanced; reducing mental and physical stress; and improving memory, attention, muscle strength, and muscle recovery. So rather than reach for that second or third cup of coffee to get that caffeine fit, maybe try reaching for an organic herbal tea full of adrenal loving, stress-fighting herbs?

You can see your herbalist get a blend created just for you or try something like ‘I Need A Moment’ from the Australian organic brand Little Wildling Co. Feeling adventurous? Why not create your own until you find the perfect flavor you love! Lee Sutherland created Little Wilding Co many years after studying Herbal Medicine. It is a tea range that ticks the boxes in both flavor + medicinal purposes. That is organic yet can stand out proud on countertops rather than hidden away to the back of cupboards. Something that is a lifestyle extension that speaks to a range of people. From health-conscious yogis to creative types that sometimes need a tongue in cheek message. To help remind them to slow down with a cup of tea, with a bit of health in every sip.

Why adaptogens are paving the way for healing ourselves in the future
Image: Little Wilding Co.

While you’re here, check out Lee’s take on why herbal medicine should be in your beauty cabinet in 2020

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