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Why Training for Better Health and Feeling Great Can Make You Feel So Good

We interview Adala Bolto of ZADI Fitness.

The marketing of health and fitness brands has a lot to answer for when it comes to the relationship people have with their bodies, exercise and food. Years of being told that you are never good enough in order to sell a “ quick fix” has led some people to view exercise and healthy eating as a form of punishment for eating badly or a chore, but thankfully there has been a huge shift in the messages health and fitness brands are putting out there, and consumers mindset and focus is finally starting to change also.
The truth is that exercise could more accurately viewed as a celebration of what your body can do and how well it can adapt to repetition. It makes you feel great and happier due to the release of endorphins, it can be social if you join the right studio community or get friends and family to join, because that can be much more motivating reason to be active than doing it because you have to or because you are pressured to. Here are a few reasons why perhaps it’s time to change your mindset. Keep reading for more! 
This article was written by Adala Bolto is the founder of female fitness franchise ZADI.
Image: Michael B. Luong via Unsplash

Why Training for Better Health and Feeling Great Can Make You Feel So Good

1) Exercise is something you can control

In the past two years especially, the world has been full of uncertainly of and fear of the unknown, exercise is one of those things that you can control and is almost always bound to make you feel better and in control. According to a ton of research, the endorphins released by exercise can help lift your mood, leaving you feeling more relaxed, happier and less anxious. It can also boost your energy, promote better sleep and even light a new spark in your sex life, bonus!

2) Make it social

After two years of lockdowns, having something that is not only good for you, but is also social in your life is a very positive thing to have as part of your social schedule, especially if you are still working from home. Sign up to your nearest studio and join the community, or if you prefer to train online, most will have a community social media group who will be up for a chat and happy to give you some great advice and motivation. Better still, get a friend involved to join you. Making it social will make it a lot more fun and motivating to stick with. 

3) Do it for fun

While our workouts are all based on science and results at ZADI to ensure our members get what they came to us for, our studios and workouts are extremely focused on making our members feel great while having a lot of fun designed. We have created an atmosphere that is strong yet encouraging. Many studios these days aim to create an environment that will give people an experience, not just a workout. Be it the ZADI nightclub  vibe and pumping playlist, or a screen that takes you on an adventure when you train, working out is just as much about the experience these days as it is an opportunity to get your sweat on. Find a place you enjoy going to or a workout style that you like. 

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