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Here’s How to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill in 2022

Make sure you make room for leftovers!

Groceries are one of those expenses that will never go away, because let’s be honest, we all have to eat! However there are some clever tips that you can apply that will allow you to still be able to cook with and eat all the things you want without breaking the bank. We spoke to Alene Sullivan from Wholesome Market to get her top tips and learn about how we can cut the cost of food, make less food waste, and save a penny in between. Keep reading for more!

groceries save money
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Here’s How to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill in 2022

1) Make a weekly meal plan and shopping list

The most convenient way to ensure you buy everything that you need is to write out a weekly meal plan and shopping list. Not only will planning this out mean that you can go to the store (or shop online) and know exactly what you need, but it will also save you from buying things that you don’t need and/ or forgetting to buy some of the ingredients you need only to discover this when you are ready to cook, leaving you susceptible for opting for expensive Uber Eats instead. Additionally, if you plan our your meals, you can see which meals require which ingredients and try to line up your other meals accordingly to ensure you use all of those ingredients and that they don’t go to waste.

2) Make extra for left overs

Rather than cooking your breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, it is often more economical to make your food in bulk and eat leftovers the next day for one or two of your meals. This saves you from being lazy and ordering your lunch, plus you don’t need to put extra time into making a new dish, just simply heat it up and you are good to go. With soups and items such as frittatas, you can also freeze it so it can last you a few months. Being clever with your cooking and storing of food will make it a lot more affordable for you to eat and will save a lot of your time.

3) Be clever with how you are shopping

The prices of food often fluctuates and it is not always cheaper at the big super markets as they still want to make a profit on their wholesale rates, therefore shopping around to find the best rate that you can buy something for is advisable. Sites such as Wholesome Market allow you to buy healthy food for 15 – 50% off which saves shoppers approximately $385 per year. The revolutionary concept was born out of the belief that nutritious and natural high-quality products should not be exclusive. Operating as a membership model, they remove traditional retail markups allowing them to pass on savings to their members.

4) Buy in season

When it comes to fresh food shopping, the trick is to buy fruit and vegetables that are in season. In season products are often more affordable as they haven’t had to be shipped from overseas which saves on transportation costs that would otherwise be factored into the sale of the product.

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