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How to Use Periodized Progressive Blocks to Ensure You Get Results from Your Training

No more burnout.

Two of the greatest barriers to people sticking with an exercise routine are not seeing the results they were hoping for and/or experiencing injury or burnout from overtraining and under recovering. Unfortunately, the “go hard or go home” mentality has been thrown around for quite some time which has led to many people overtraining, but having no real focus or purpose when it comes to how they are training. This can in turn lead to injury, burnout, muscle tears, and of course, people losing interest in exercising at all. That is why training is periodized progressive blocks are one of the best approaches to take when you want to get results on your fitness journey. To learn about this type of exercise, we interviewed the experts over at BFT on how to use these blocks to your advantage. Keep reading for more! 
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How to Use Periodized Progressive Blocks to Ensure You Get Results from Your Training

Periodization is a strategy that has been used by elite athletes for decades and is the deliberate manipulation of training variables to optimize performance for competition, prevent burnout, and progress performance. Manipulation can be through training variables such as movement patterns, weights, rest periods, and exercise selection. This style of programming allows the individual to constantly progress and never stagnate with their training. This is why it helps.
BFT uses these principles when designing their training blocks to provide members with the opportunity to develop the skills required when training with weights, to be coached to move more efficiently, and to utilize technology such as live heart rate to personalize each session to the individual within the group environment. It is results-driven training, for anybody. It’s very effective and confuses the body and muscles so that they grow stronger and larger.

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