what your star sign says about your cognitive function
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Here’s What Your Sign Says About Your Cognitive Function

Spoiler alert: we all need a little support.

We’ve all read our horoscopes before, but have you ever wondered how your sun sign placement may affect the way you learn or how you focus? The sun sign reflects your true nature and sometimes, it can change the way you see things. Your own personal cognitive function differs depending on your personal birth or natal chart. Below, we’ve outlined what your star sign says about your cognitive function and how it affects your daily life.
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Ahead, what your sun sign says about your cognitive function.
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Here’s What Your Sign Says About Your Cognitive Function


Aries, you have a very fire-fueled nature. Your cognitive function can sometimes be clouded by impulse or quick reaction. 


For Taureans, awareness of your stubbornness can be an indicator of how you’re feeling in your mental clarity. Avoid this by taking the necessary steps to better health. 


Gemini, cognitive function is quick-witted for you but you need to take the time to truly digest and think over a topic before being wishy-washy or switching sides. Your opinion can change, but it’s always better to have a think first. 


Cancer, you are ruled by the moon so naturally, you feel emotions pretty deeply. If emotion is clouding your judgment, this may not be your true functional and optimal state. The upside to this is that you are a great listener who can truly be there for someone if you take the time to settle and stay strong.


A fellow fire sign, Leos can easily make a loud roar and also be quick to react if they are clouded by brain fog or cannot focus. Thankfully, they are strong enough to take a beat and get through any tough situation.


Virgo, you are truly the perfectionist of the zodiac. You can get easily clouded by the judgment if things don’t go according to plan, so remember to not always figure out what impression has been made immediately — things can quickly change.


Libra, libra, libra — you are so going with the flow, it’s so easy to be around you. Sometimes, this can also mean that you don’t act with haste when needed. Decisions can take time to make but often it takes a little longer for you.


Scorpios have an intensity about them where they can almost be mistaken for a fire sign if they’re not too careful. The way their cognitive function differs from the other zodiac signs is that they can easily get fixated on one thing and lose focus there. It’s important for this sign to not get lost in the work and remember to do the other things they have on their to-do list.


Sagittarius is known for its restless nature and that does a number on the way they focus and get things done. Sometimes it’s so stressful and they don’t want to deal with it, so they run away. Get back to the moment and finish your work—you can do it, I promise.


Capricorn, you are a superstar and you know it. Cognitive function for you is resistance and a load of hard work. But being clear-headed and level is not a quality you have if you get pessimistic about things. Remember to take a beat and see the brighter side of things.


Clever but chaotic. The Aquarius needs to remember that a true indicator of great cognitive function is the ability to organize and kind of stick to a schedule (including knowing when to stop working or running errands). You’re kind of all over the place and you get things done, but the only advice we have for you is to prep some things ahead of time in case of emergency — you never know when a work file could just randomly disappear on you!


Pisces, we love you but you tend to daydream. Your cognitive function makes up in your imagination and creativity — all useful assets of your personality that need to get down on paper. Get a journal to lock those ideas in.

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