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Here are 7 Date Ideas for Any Stage of Your Relationship

New or long-term, whatever you heart desires.

Winter can be one of the best seasons to really get to know your partner and create a deeper connection within your relationship. During the colder months, we’re more likely to stay inside, eat more comfort foods and binge more Netflix — doesn’t sound too bad to me! However, doing this for weeks and months on end can make your relationship feel a little stuck. Watching the same shows, ordering the same takeout or delivery services and not putting a lot of effort can create a sort of monotonous feeling in a relationship. Sometimes you just need one night to break away from your couple bubble and explore the world around you – but how can you do that when the weather is terrible? The last thing you want to do is style your hair and put in all this effort into your look for it to blow away in the wind, or worse, get rained on. 

There are things you can do in your city or hometown that can make your date night something special, without needing to head to a fancy restaurant! Sometimes we can become homebodies in winter and be fresh out of ideas on what to do as a couple — we’ve come up with seven ways to enjoy your date night and heat things up again.

Here are 7 Date Ideas for Any Stage of Your Relationship

If you’re a new couple

Being in a new relationship is a great thing in winter as you can get to know each other more intimately with fun activities! Why not try some of these for size:

  • Head out on a coffee date: Most people starting a relationship are really comfortable with going out to coffee with a new beau as it creates a casual, open setting for you to keep building your relationship. It doesn’t just need to be coffee either, you can grab some dessert and share a waffle, grab an ice cream or hot chocolate. It’s about snuggling up on a cosy love chair in a warm cafe setting and holding hands.
  • Go out for a sports game: Even during the pandemic there are still sports games going on (especially in Australia where AFL never stops) so why not head to a game, go to the local club, or sit with your partner at their favorite sports bar to watch the game? This is a great option if you can’t make the game live, and you can share a pint and cheer (even if you don’t know who’s winning).
  • Let’s go to the rink, rink: There’s nothing more romantic than hitting the local ice skating rink with your new lover, especially if one of you isn’t that good at skating! Not only will it give you a good excuse to touch and flirt, it’ll make for some hilarious memories later down the track. Plus you can rug up as you normally would and get a little workout in too!
  • Have a proper slumber party: Get the comfy pillows, your best pjs and ultimate snacks for the best slumber party ever! You might be doing sleepovers with your new beau by now and this is a great way to keep things interesting. Make it a movie marathon night and grab your biggest blankets (you can even make a fort) and really let your inner child out. Load up on popcorn and desserts that’ll keep you going through the night — and if the movie gets boring, you can always make out and head to bed together!
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If you’re long term lovers

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, sometimes you need a little inspiration and motivation to get out of your couple-comfort zone. You know each other like the back of your hands, so these date adventures will help you reconnect, comfortably:

  • Wine it up: There’s something sophisticated about going to a winery with your partner; it’s a vast contrast to when you go on a wine tour with the girls and get legless. Heading to your favorite wine region for the day with your lover means actually experiencing and appreciating the surroundings, as well as the delicious wine and even better company. You’ll be able to mull over cherry scents, talk about life, and graze the day away with cheese boards; what a way to spend a Saturday!
  • Have a staycation: For most of us living in a pandemic-riddled time, it can be hard to book interstate and overseas visits for a holiday away. The safest bet you can make is booking a holiday in your own state and exploring the amazing backyard you already have! Whether you’re heading out to the hills for a staycation near the wineries, or driving up the coast to discover a township you’ve never visited, there’s plenty to do and see just hours away.
  • Go camping or glamping: Camping has never been my strong suit but some people absolutely love it, and it is quite the popular escape in winter. There are plenty of campsites you can visit that are winter friendly, and glamping also offers a next level luxury setting to the great outdoors. You’ll be able to find places that offer both, so you and your partner can take your pick and really get connected with this mini holiday!
wine date idea
Image: Vincenzo Landino via Unsplash

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