Four Date Night Ideas To Make It Easy For Your Partner To Get It Right

You can have your way and eat it (at your favorite restaurant) too.

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Date night can mean different things depending on what kind of couple you are, and for most women when date night comes around less often, we like to make it a big deal. It’s a special night where we can really put in the effort, get dressed up and wear our hair the way it makes us feel sexy; when we leave date night decisions up to our partner we take a back seat. What we see in movies and tv shows isn’t a reflection of how it will go in real life, our partners, unfortunately, don’t get a script and rundown of how the night will go if they plan the date. Most of the time, they have to try to read our minds.

While women are good at reading each other’s minds, men aren’t so great at taking hints or reading signs (even if it hit them in the head). There’s an unspoken pressure on our partners to get date night right because if it doesn’t, well let’s just say they’ll be hearing about it until the next one. The more time between date nights instantly correlates to the expectations perceived by women. If you haven’t had a grand night out with your beau in months or years it can put pressure on them to get it exactly how you want it, even when you won’t tell them because you want it to be a ‘surprise’. It’s time to give your partner a break and take the stress out of date night; by removing inflated expectations on your partner, you’ll both have a wonderful time without the disappointments.

Here are a few ideas on how to make date night unforgettable without giving your partner a stress-induced ulcer. 

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Recreate Your First Date

Having a date night that is sentimental is always a nice choice when you’re not sure what to do – this way you both know where you’re going and what to expect, without any major hiccups along the way. Whether you met at a restaurant, went go-karting, had ice-cream or a coffee at your local cafe, recreating where your love first sparked helps memories resurface with ease. You’ll feel like the loved-up young couple you used to be and might have a few laughs about your tragic outfits and bad hairstyles along the way.

Go Shopping

Now, this might sound weird but hear me out, head to any shop you usually wouldn’t go into during retail therapy – try a novelty store, $2 shop, adult sex shop or local thrift store and go nuts. You should have a bit of fun while you’re together then after 10 minutes go your separate ways and buy each other something ridiculous. The rules are you need to use the items you buy each other that night; it could be a silly hat, random sex game or useless gadget. Whatever it is, it’ll force you to think of that other person while shopping and give your funny bone a good workout.

At Home Movie Theatre

Instead of going out to the movies and getting popcorn that’ll cost you an arm and a leg, why not have your own movie theatre in the comfort of your own home? All you need is a big white sheet, a white wall, something to hang the sheet from and a mini home projector. They can cost anywhere from $60-$250 but are worth the investment – you probably spend more for one date night dinner at a fancy restaurant! Set up the bean bags and cuddle for a night in front of the big screen, no drive-through needed.

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Try Something New Together

Part of bonding with your partner is about sharing new experiences together, especially when you both are doing it for the first time. It could be an activity like ice-skating or roller-blading, something more daring like sky-diving or taking up surfing lessons at the nearest beach. Bonding over new experiences helps deepen your connection and create memories that you can turn into traditions. If activities aren’t your cup of tea, why not attempt a new recipe together in the kitchen or visit that winery you’ve been dying to try.

Date night doesn’t have to be over the top full of grand gestures and a dozen red roses, it just has to mean something to you both and help you share your love for each other in a special way. It’s nice to get dressed up away from your everyday work outfits, whether that means putting on a pair of heels, skates or strapping yourself into a parachute harness!

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