The Best Food Delivery Services To Help You Through This Pandemic

From Territory Foods to Sun Basket, we've got you covered.

best food delivery services
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Now more than ever, we are turning to home meal delivery services to keep us on the path of social distancing. In this uncertain age, even a trip to the grocery store can become a daunting task. With meal delivery services, you can easily have food (either prepped or separated by ingredient) delivered straight to your doorstep, no problem. With the time you’re spending at home, why not take on the challenge of becoming your own chef at Café Home? We listed thirteen of the best food delivery services to get you through this quarantine.
best meal delivery services
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The Best Food Delivery Services To Help You Through This Time Of Staying Home

1) Sun Basket

What you get: These portioned organic ingredients or oven-ready dishes for two to four meals per week for two to four people, plus cooking instructions. All of Sun Basket’s meals are chef-crafted and dietitian-approved, so you never have to worry about the logistics of cooking healthy dinners. Plus, you can choose from three different methods: classic cooking, pre-prepped. Easy peasy.

2) Daily Harvest

Image the most delicious breakfast smoothie you’ve ever had. Daily Harvest makes healthy living a no-brainer by packing essential smoothie, soup, grain, and veggie bowl ingredients into convenient, pre-portioned and frozen meals that are easy to prep. You will get anywhere from six to 12 convenient, pre-portioned and frozen meals per week or 24 per month.

3) Hungryroot

Hungryroot is Whole Foods on steroids. A handpicked lineup of groceries and recipes to help you make them into healthy, nutritious meals. We typically go into the grocery store and pick items blindly. But Hungryroot helps us shop for groceries that can be combined into healthy meals.

4) Fresh Direct

Want just groceries because you’re a master chef all on your own? All your weekly groceries, delivered straight to your doorstep, within a scheduled two-hour window. With Fresh Direct, you can select a delivery time with a two-hour window and pre-pay for your items to be dropped off at your door in reusable grocery bags. You can even schedule your deliveries for the next day or up to a week in advance.

5) Amazon Fresh

All your groceries and everyday essentials delivered straight to your door, from both Whole Foods and brand names. Amazon Fresh used to cost an additional $15 per month on top of the Prime membership, but now it’s free for Prime members.

6) Instacart

All of your favorite products from the local grocery stores you know and love, delivered the same day. Instacart delivers groceries from our trusted local stores. But it also features exclusive deals on popular products, so we always get the best possible price.

7) Seamless/Grubhub

Takeout or delivery from your favorite local restaurants. We can order our go-to dishes easily from the app or the website, for fast delivery or pickup.

8) Caviar

Your favorite dishes from the best local and independent restaurants, via convenient delivery, pickup or catering. Caviar offers delivery from a curated list of exclusive restaurants that don’t actually offer delivery themselves.

9) Tovala

he smart oven with chef-crafted, oven-ready meals. Driven by their shared personal frustration at the time required to prep + cook fresh meals and their passion for food + technology, the pair disrupted the meal delivery industry with a service designed for busy people wanting fresh, home-cooked, better-for-you meals without the time required. And the best part – these meals, created by professional chefs, are seriously delicious.

The oven steams, bakes, broils, reheats, + toasts allowing you to use the next 20 minutes doing whatever you want – time with a loved one, fitting in a quick workout, or catching up on your favorite TV show.

10) Blue Apron

Portioned ingredients to cook two to three meals per week for two or four people, plus cooking instructions. It’s ideal for beginner cooks who want to learn new skills. The food delivery service has remained best-in-class due to its inventive, seasonal recipes and focus on quality ingredients.

11) Hello Fresh

Portioned ingredients to cook three to four meals per week for two to four people, plus cooking instructions. Choose from plans that include meat and veggies, just veggies, low calorie, and family-friendly options. Plus, you get to select the meals you want to make based on the recipes being offered that week.

12) Gobble

Portioned and prepped ingredients to cook three 15-minute meals per week for two to four people, plus cooking instructions. Pro chefs do all the chopping and marinating for you, so your meal is ready to cook right out of the box—no prepping necessary.

13) Force of Nature

Force of Nature are purveyors of the best meat on the planet, for the planet. Force of Nature aims to ‘Reclaim the Legacy of Meat’ from those who have taken short cuts for their own profit at the expense of our land and health. The brand is on a mission to protect the future of meat from emerging false prophets who promote meat alternatives that are just as dishonest and similarly as bad as those they aim to replace. Force of Nature is dedicated to accelerating the creation of a global regenerative supply network and educating consumers on the power of regeneratively grown, climate-friendly meat.
All Force of Nature animals are raised in environments that encourage the expressions of their natural behaviors while consuming diets that they were biologically engineered and evolved to eat. Every pound of Force of Nature beef contributes to a system responsible for sequestering 3.5 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Force of Nature meats are offered in a variety of cuts from various animals including bison, boar, venison, elk, pork, turkey and two different ancestral blends combining organ meat.

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