Here Are 5 Of The Most Innovative Digital Health Gadgets For 2019

Breathing device for weight loss, VR meditation and more.

digital health gadget
Image: Lumen and FightCamp

We live in a world where we’re torn between trying to limit our tech time in the name of health and relying on it for just about everything. Trying to be more mindful? There’s an app for that. Trouble sleeping? There’s an app for that, too. Want to start a family? Check your smartwatch to see when you’re ovulating. Can’t make it to the gym? Access a do-anywhere workout straight off your iPhone.
There’s no denying that health-focused tech, in all its glory, has become a huge part of our everyday lives (so much so that we actually forget what life was like before it). Heck, Apple’s fancy new ECG monitoring feature can basically detect if you’re at risk of having a heart attack, so to think of how far tech advances can go is quite an overwhelming and exciting thought.
At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month, over 500 vendors showcased the latest in digital health breakthroughs. From breathing devices that tell you what to eat to VR meditation to help you find your calm, here’s what you can expect in the wonderful world of wellness in 2019:

1. Breathing device that measures your metabolism

Digital Health Gadgets lumen

Not sure if your body’s in ketosis? Need to limit your carb intake? This device from Lumen will tell you what and how in real time. It’s as simple as breathing into the device upon wakening of a morning, and, based on your breath analysis, you’ll receive a personalised daily nutrition plan which takes into account your metabolism, goals and fitness levels. Wowza.

2. At-home boxing setup

Digital Health Gadgets at-home boxing ring fightcamp
Image @fightcamp_

The FightCamp at-home gym is compact, mobile and super easy to set up in any room of your home. It features motivating workouts and expert-led instruction by world-class trainers combined with premium equipment including boxing gloves and a punching bag. You can track your performance in real-time with the brand’s own ‘Punch Trackers’ inserted in the gloves.

3. Personalised water filter system

digital health gadgets matte water
Image: @mitte_water

Unlike other water purification systems that often remove healthy minerals in water along with its contaminants, Mitte uses mineral cartridges to replicate the process that occurs in nature (water flowing through rocks and picking up minerals along the way). Not only does this unique process add back all these minerals and trace elements, but it also allows you to personalise your selection including high pH. The fact that it eliminates the need for plastic bottles means that it’s also great for the environment. Tick, tick.

4. Virtual reality meditation experience

digital health gadgets vr meditation
Image: iStock

Powered by the user’s own brain patterns and heart rate, Healium works by utilising visual mindfulness experiences to reduce stress and increase feelings of positivity using real-time EEG feedback. Need convincing? Frontiers in Psychology published a study which found that Helium was able to reduce anxiety in as little as four minutes. Another study published in the Journal of Neuroregulation suggests that VR environments such as Helium impact gamma asymmetry which is associated with a positive change in mood states.

5. Headband that improves sleep

health gadgets sleep

We’re all currently obsessed with getting a good night’s sleep—so it’s no wonder there is now tech gadgets available to help you do just that (beyond an app). Utilising state-of-the-art technology and years of research, Dreem offers audio features such as guided meditations and breathing techniques to help you fall asleep. It also analyses your slumber via brainwaves with lab-level precision and enhances the quality of your sleep based on this data.

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