Meet The Two New Fitness Trainers Joining The Sweat App

Introducing Chontel Duncan and Stephanie Sanzo.

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Joining an already very impressive line up including the likes of Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells and Sjana Elise Earp, the world’s number one fitness destination for women has just announced the addition of two new trainers to the Sweat App, (like you needed more of a reason to get amongst it!).
Trainers Chontel Duncan and Stephanie Sanzo are the latest recruits who will be bringing their unique training styles to the platform, making their Fierce and Build programs available to the global Sweat community, delivering their fitness expertise and a greater choice of workouts.

sweat app new trainers
Image: Sweat

Chontel Duncan, co-founder of HIIT Australia with over half a million followers on Instagram, shares that her mission is to challenge women to give their all through a combination of training styles including high intensity, resistance and strength-based training.
“Fierce combines weight lifting and high-intensity workouts, with my love for Muay Thai boxing, and offers a holistic approach to improving all areas of fitness. Each session is designed to improve mental and physical strength, encouraging women to take control of their life, find their fierce and push the boundaries on what they think they can achieve,” Chontel said.
Stephanie’s program is the first of its kind, introducing her unique style of powerbuilding to the Sweat community for those who want to train a little more hardcore.
“Combining elements from the styles of training I love most—powerlifting and bodybuilding—Build is a gym-based program incorporating machine weights, free weights, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises.”
“Through Build I want to encourage women to focus on progressing to a new level of conditioning each week, while helping them feel empowered and find joy in setting and achieving goals they never thought they could,” says Stephanie, the super fit mum of two.
sweat app new trainers
Image: Sweat

Sweat’s Founder and CEO, Tobi Pearce reiterates that the company is committed to providing women with the utmost flexibility, variety and support to help women choose their fit and reach their health and fitness goals.
“We are thrilled to welcome trainers Chontel and Stephanie to the Sweat family. The introduction of Fierce and Build provides our community with the ability to rotate between seven workout programs within the app, each offering a unique style of training for every woman. We’re very proud to continue providing our community with variety driven and educational workout content to assist them on their health and fitness journey,” Mr Pearce said.
Sweat users now have access to Chontel’s Fierce program and Stephanie’s Build program, as well as Kayla Itsines’ BBG and BBG Stronger workout programs, Kelsey Wells PWR and Post-Pregnancy workout programs and Sjana Elise’s BAM yoga program. To say that you’re spoilt for choice is an understatement!
Want to ramp up your fitness in the new year?! Sweat’s 12 week challenge commences on January 14, 2019. Visit for more.

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