Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Watch Series 3

Start your countdowns, get out your piggy banks, and get in line. The new Apple Watch Series 3 is coming.
The world’s most popular smartwatch is getting yet another upgrade, the California-based company announced last week, and the changes are sure to make any fitness enthusiast geek out with excitement—for good reason.
You’ll no longer need to bring your iPhone with you on a run because the Series 3 will now include cellular, so you can call, text, and stay connected without bringing your smartphone. And it’s not just on a run. Keeping with the water-resistant feature of the Series 2, the new watch will also be water resistant up to 50 meters, so enjoy your pool time without removing your wrist accessory.

Apple Watch Series 3
Image via Apple

The watch’s third generation also brings with it a brand new software update. The watchOS 4 boasts a new Heart Rate app (check it out below), where you can track your workouts, resting heart rate, your recovery, your walking, and even your “Breathe” sessions. Plus, HIIT workouts are now an official category in the tracker, so you’ll finally receive up-to-the-minute tracking on your next tabata.
Apple Watch Series 3
Image via Apple

Excited yet? Time to bust out your favorite jams and celebrate… which you’ll now be able to do straight from your Apple Watch.
But that’s not all. Grab your watch, your bluetooth headphones, and hit the trail because now you’ll be able to stream your favorite Apple Music playlists and radio, even if you’re away from your phone and WiFi.
apple watch series 3
Image via Apple

And for Nike dedicated fans, the company continues its partnership with the latest rendition of the Watch, where you’ll be able to receive in-ear coaching mid-run, ensuring that mile time hits your exact goals. Every. Single. Time.
So, how do you get your wrist on it? The Apple Watch Series 3 hit stores on Friday, September 22, with the cellular version retailing at $399 (US) and the regular GPS coming in at $329 (US).

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