This New Dating App Lets You Play Cupid For Your Friends

Have you ever thought to yourself, I know exactly who my bff should date? Well, there’s now an app for that. Yep, new dating app, Hinge Matchmaker, is taking the role of wingman online, letting you play cupid for your friends minus the awkward blind date moves.
Famous for its original app, Hinge was premised on the idea of being a less sketchy, less superficial Tinder. They aimed to make “meaningful connections among those bold enough to seek real relationships.” And what better way to do that than allowing those who know you best to take control?

Hinge Matchmaker dating app
Image via Hinge

Here’s how it works. You download Hinge Matchmaker (of course), and the app pulls information from your Facebook account, including—most importantly—your friends list. Then, the app will show you all of your friends whose relationship status is set to “single,” and now you’re ready to work your Cupid magic.
If you think your bestie would be a great match with that guy you met in college, you connect them and they’ll be nudged towards each other on the original Hinge app. Because, let’s face it, sometimes you just know your friend’s type quicker than they do.
“Everyone loves the idea of setting up their single friends,” says Justin McLeod, founder and CEO of Hinge. “People play matchmaker in the real world all the time, but there has never been a way to do it properly online, until now. We’re excited to see how many more real dates, relationships, marriages and families Hinge can make happen with the introduction of Hinge Matchmaker.”
And if the two people you desperately want to see date just happen to not be on Hinge, you can invite anyone from your address book to join, expanding your friends’ dating circle even further.
So if you’ve ever grabbed your friend’s phone and done the swiping for them, this is your not-so-obvious way of navigating their dating life.

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