7 products you should always have in your gym bag

Never be late for a workout (or work) again with these 7 gym bag essentials.

Hairbrush? Tick. Make up? Tick. Deodrant? …deodorant!
We’ve all been there, making a pit stop at the David Jones beauty counter between the gym and work to abuse the free testers or spending the day with our arms crossed because we’re secretly free-boobing.
Fitting in the gym among a myriad of other commitments is no easy feat and nothing will kill your motivation like forgetting a workout or beauty essential (no socks, no thank you).
No matter how organised you may feel, sometimes there’s just one too many things to remember. So to save yourself from spending the day speaking in hushed tones because you forgot your toothbrush, we’ve put together a list of handy products that should take up permanent residence in your gym bag.

7 things you should never take out of your gym bag

Rexona Clinical Protection Deodorant

Dripping sweat is the sign of a good workout and you won’t have to hold back if you’re packing Rexona Clinical Protection. With up to three times the protection of a basic antiperspirant, you’ll smell fresh even after a 60-minute spin.We love ‘Shower Clean’ because it’s imbued with moisturising ingredients to keep your skin dry whilst staying hydrated.

Shop → Rexona Clinical Protection Shower Clean (45ml) $9.98

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Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette

 Charlotte Tilbury shows us that putting your face on doesn’t have to be an hour-long affair. In fact, it’s as easy as colour by numbers! Complete with a day and evening look (and guide), this five-minute magic palette was specifically designed to be a natural, effortless look on the go, suitable for everyone. Never again will you have to lug around a make up bag as heavy as the gym bag it’s in with this Instant Look in a Palette.

Shop → Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette $99.00

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wotnot facial wipes

Facial wipes are the holy grail of beauty products; they’re there for you on shower-less, week-long camping trips and at 1am when you’re too drunk to use makeup remover. But when it comes to choosing wipes, some can be toxic and abrasive to your skin. We use wotnot because they’re 100% natural with certified organic ingredients (including avocado oil, rosehip oil and apricot oil) so they won’t dry out your skin or clog your pores. Plus, they have varieties to suit your skin type and a nifty little travel case with a built in mirror for when you’re on the go.

Shop → wotnot Facial Wipes $7.99 + travel case $2.00

wotnot facial wipes, non abrasive face wipes,

Ghongha Water Bottle

There’s nothing like a sweat-induced spin class to make you parched so a water bottle is unquestionably a gym bag essential. And I know what you’re thinking, “it’s just a water bottle,” but choose one good bottle and you can have it forever. Like Ghongha bottles, which are made from lightweight glass, 100% BPA free (even the lid!), dishwasher, freezer and microwave proof and entirely recyclable meaning they’re safe to wash and reuse over and over again.

Shop → Ghongha Water Bottle £23.00

ghonga water bottle, environmentally friendly water bottle, reusable water bottle

Weleda Arnica Sports Shower Gel

So much more than a shower gel, Arnica Sports has active ingredients that work to relieve aches and pains and restore good health, fixing everything from bruises and muscle tightness to inflammation and sprains. How? The arnica montana plant is a delicate but powerful flower with strong forming forces that is collected from the Romanian Carpathian mountains through a fair trade partner project. Sounds exotic? It is. Lather up and you’ll feel ready to go again.

Shop → Weleda Arnica Sports Shower Gel (200ml) $17.95

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Fitbit Alta

You’ll never improve if you don’t know where you’re at so I’d highly advise investing in a wearable fitness tracker. We’re fans of Fitbit’s latest range including the Alta and Blaze. No longer just for professional athletes, the Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Blaze will help you improve your fitness, track your progression and achieve your goals, no matter what they may be. And the bonus? They’re actually stylish and come with interchangeable straps so they’re a welcome accessory addition.

Shop → Fitbit Alta $199.95 & Fitbit Blaze $329.95

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Compact Tangle Teezer Hairbrush

There’s nothing like finding your hairbrush in the depths of your gym bag, with the needles squished in and long strands of hair splayed throughout your clothes. And now you won’t have to with the compact Tangle Teezer, your mane’s new best friend. Not only does it have a protective case but it’s the perfect travel size to keep in your gym bag. Awarded Harper’s Bazaar Hot 100 (one of many awards in fact), this is so much more than a hairbrush.

Shop → Tangle Teezer $26.00

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